The Trend in Fashion Yes or No

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I am not a fashionable person, I dislike the trends in fashion, because I know, if I follow it, I would not get out of it alive, to buy and buy each designs and colours of clothes, each time they are out on sale.

Infact, I tends to go along with the old designs, the ones that are not tredning anymore, these types, are the ones I like, because, wheh I wear it, I will not see it in most places or so many people will not wear the same dress, unless it was such a dress that was made for group of people, that is, for a particular occasions.

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Following the trends in fashion, are some of the reasons, why so many people could not have a balance in their life, and as for me, I do not want that for myself, I dislike a situation, whereby something want to cause me to have an uneasy time with myself.

Because once you have allowed the trends in fashion, to decide what you wear, that only means, you have allowed fashion to take away your simple lifestyle, thus would make living difficult for you.

That situation is very not good to consider, being on pressure is very bad, no matter what you want to do, when once your mind is not relaxed, that thing won't be possible for you to make an end, the reason is because, you either think nor worried.

Looking neat and nice is good, but in a situation whereby what you are to wear either determine our lifestyle, I see it as something not good enough to put ourselves into.

I remember some times ago, I went to the market to buy black trouser, when I got there, I got into a shop, and I saw this man who was the seller, I told him that I need a black trouser, and he went into his warehouse and search for my sizes, he didn't have my size, but there was others black trouser there, so when he came out, he carried a designer trouser that has a white line on the side of it.

He gave it to me, and try to make me buy it, I told him no, I do not need a black and white trouser, but what I need is a plain black trouser, that I am using it for an occasion, he said that I should take the one he gave me, that it is still the same, and more quality than what I was looking for, I should look at it, that the trouser is on tredning, i told him no, i do not follow trends in fashion.

The seller didn't know, I do not follow trends, not like following trends of fashion is bad, it just that I do not like it, I prefer wearing clothes that is normal, so that I would not have to buy another clothes sonner.

In my area here, trends of fashion are followed only by few people, and they are those that are from a well to-do family, others do not have interest, they only focus on appropriate clothes that suits on a given occasion.

Moreover, trending fashions do not take time it fade, it would stop trending and before you know another trend would surface. I always think of it this way, if I was the type that follow trends in fashion, would all my earnings be going on fashions?, what about others challenges that I need to solve.

This question make me to developed minimalist lifestyle in fashion and up till today, I do not allow fashion trend's to swear me into pressure, I wear those kinds of clothes that suit my test and that would satisfy me in a longer time.


So agree with this and always have 👍

I don't even know what's in fashion anymore. I dress from comfort there days. I find when I'm comfortable I have a better connection with people and am happier in my surroundings

I don't think looking "in" is worth the effort or expense.

And I think being comfortable to not be "in" shows a great amount of self confidence and peace of mind that's always impressed me more than bling.

Well said 👏

You have a great perspective and mind. If you run your posts through grammarly or even word counter, they'll help you translate them even better.

I do this with all my content before I post. It levels it up! And your voice should be heard 👍

True, I will go find it, doing the things that make us happy, is a way too good than trying to compete when we know we will not do so better.
Thank you for saying this @nickydee


It is so nice.


Smile..... 😊

Yay! 🤗
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Having your own style is key. Stule is timeless, fashion is transitory.

Being comfortable with wearing what makes you feel good is a great skill to have nailed down early.

True, to avoid putting myself on pressure, in doing something I will not afford to do it till the end, I rather crave my path, to live happily, thank you for saying this @stuartcturnbull

Now I'm so impressed with this post. Wow! I am into fashion but not so Into it to the point of it ruining my financial life. I've seen lots of people go into debt just to join the trend which turns out to be a huge problem. I spend less and save more and that has been the norm. Nice writing

True, for fashion to ruin our finances is bad, sound good that you spend less in fashion, thank you for saying this @teknon

Oh! It's a pleasure I could read through and speak my mind☺️

So nice, thanks