Summer memories! [ Never Let Those Photos go to waste!]

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Summer is but a distant memory in our minds now, well for those of us who live in the tropics, it is endless, but something about the summer vibe and season, traveling, vacation and for students, NO SHCOOL!

I have had this post in draft since last summer and just have not gotten to posting it as I had nothing to really beef it up with in terms of written word. I think that gets most people once they get onboarded to HIVE: "Oh, I need to actually write a blog that makes sense or create a video?" Well not quite, there are micro blogging HIVE interfaces. Back in the days, there was no such thing.

Looking back at these photos now, I can remember the day clearly. My friend and I took the day off from work to take our boys to the beach followed by the aquarium. You see, if we had not taken days off, our kids would be in school basically doing nothing. We want our boys to have great memories of their childhood summers and I believe they did.

When I was their age,( 8 going 9) I never saw school the entire summer, well, when I was older there were a few days of summer school but generally. We would stay home, go outside and play, go to a near by friends house and play, we just played all summer. Video games, basketball and bird shooting with slingshots were the things I remember most. Of course there were a few trips to the beach here and there but we mostly created our own summer fun as we had 8 weeks of summer holidays. In Japan where I currently reside, the kids only get 5-6 weeks.

I can still remember the excitement on our boys faces when they heard we were going to the beach instead of school, they were beyond happy. I made a post about the beach part of our trip titled the last day of summer as that is exactly what it felt like. The beaches were officially closed with no lifeguard in sight, but that also meant free parking.

After the beach, my friend and neighbor came up with the idea to go the aquarium, even though he had been there the week before. But the week before was peak season and very crowded. The day we went, not so much as summer was winding down and most were back to work from the Obon holidays in Japan.

One of the highlights of the aquarium of course is the sea lion, and dolphin show. We waited in our seats for a good 30 minutes to watch it. It was entertaining. I couldn't help notice how happy the animals and the trainers seemed as well. I took a lot of pictures of the show and I don't want to make them go to waste, so here, they will live on the chain. Enjoy the photos below gang. What is your favorite memory of last summer?























Excellent post, I love photos that capture moments beyond schematic poses and you have done it very well. Thanks for sharing🫶

Same here, I like to capture the natural essence, I kinda hate when people strike a pose. Can't be helped sometimes though.

Cute sea mammals 🦭 must have been quite an experience especially for the kids

Oh yeah! They loved it so much, especially when the dolphins made a splash and all the people upfront got wet.

I love it when parents create time for their kids
I see it as a way to prove your love for them
That’s awesome!

The interesting part is they want Moore and more and more 😂 never satisfied. But I guess it's the same with us adults.

They must have really been happy 😁

They were! Now it's just a memory and they are looking to ask " what are we doing today?" Lol

You obviously had fun and enriching experiences and you did well to capture them and share with us. Have a wonderful day.

It was a good one! Thanks for popping by dude!

I'm sure your boys had a blast they will remember all the days of their lives! Awesome shots.

I hope so 😂! Though experience lasts longer than material gifts 🎁

These photos will leave behind great memories that will actually lives on

Indeed. I'm looking forward to create more memories with them!

i also want to enjoy it with big whale.

I wanna swim with a whale shark someday, Phillipines here I come 😁