Day 3 Isle Of Wight - Wake n Bake with Jolly Rancher Vape

Good morning y'all.. today I will be mostly smoking this amazing Jolly Rancher vape pen from Burst Extracts!

Flavour - Jolly Rancher (tastes like lemon n lime...)
Strain - Sativa (beautiful clear high)
Liquid Diamonds + Live Resin


Peace, Graham.


Welcome back! and also some things changed since your where gone. The owner of Weedcash went MIA. So we said fuck it let's do what we should of done from the start, make the Canna-Curate community. No front end since it would be a waste of $.

Cool man...its good to be back...😉

Cool bud, is the vape ok for the lungs?

Yeah man definitely 👍💥 I'm using these to help me come off tobacco....i have asthma and copd and these are great... yeah can take tiny wee puffs.😉 the device itself is excellent

Cool bud, good to hear. Sending you good wishes.

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