Afritunes Community. Week #100, cover of "I've feel alright" by @adyma

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Hello everyone, how are we all doing?? It's your girl @adyma and I welcome you all to this wonderful community, it's Afritunes week #100. For the week I will be doing a song by Ubong Ikpe titled "I've feel alright"

This song is composed by Ubong Ikpe and performed by him and his Acapella group. I really love the harmony in the song.

The lyrics it talks about "when we were sick and down without hope of surviving God sent his Angel to come heal us. The Angel touched our hands, legs, stomach, head and shoulder now we are feeling better.

We are made to understand that there is nothing impossible in the sight of God, what he says, he does it and his not like man.

I use this medium to declare a quick recovery for every sick person right now, cause God said in his word that healing is the children's bread.
If you are praying this same prayer join me as we sing this song.

Song lyrics

Idem ama nie biak
Ami nke nana
Abasi odong mme angle esie
Edikok mmi udongo (2x)

So the first Angle came and
antuuk ubok
antuuk ukot
antuuk idib antuuk ibot
antuuk afara
I've feel alright

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Hello @adyma! 🌟 What a fantastic introduction to Afritunes week #100! Your choice of Ubong Ikpe's 'I've Feel Alright' sets a positive tone, and your heartfelt message about healing and hope adds a beautiful touch. The lyrics convey a powerful message of divine intervention and recovery. I'm joining you in the prayer for quick recovery for every sick person. Looking forward to experiencing the harmony and the uplifting vibes in your performance.

What a beautiful presentation, you did well with it.

Thank you so much

Beautiful harmony, the modulation was nice too...
Thank You for sharing this with us

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

This impressive 👏
I enjoyed the harmony so much
And I saw what you guys did there in terms of modulation.

Well-done ♥️

Thank you so much
I'm glad you enjoyed it

You're welcome

Wooow, so harmonious. I am a lover of Acapella songs and this one is so beautiful. See modulation oooo, am coming for training babes

Come my dear
I'm glad you liked it

I am a lover of Acapella songs and this one is so beautiful, you babes did so well. I do wish you well

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

Wow, this is beautiful. You guys did so well. The harmony... it is so interesting, and the message behind the song shared.

Thanks for sharing with us and greetings to your friends.

I'm glad you liked it
I will definitely greet them

Whoa! See voice na you all sang beautifully and very melodious voice. Keep it up @adyma

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

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Beautiful presentation 👍
Nice one

Thank you
I really appreciate