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Hello great musician and lovers of good music. It's an amazing week. Welcome to Afritune's week #102.
It's been a while I posted here and I'm glad to be back to share great moments with you all.

I'll be singing a song titled "Ebezina" by Preye Odede an African gospel music artist who has done great in the music ministry for over a decade.He started his music career over a decade ago and his songs have been blessing to alot of listeners in Africa and around the world.

I choose to sing this song because of the recent occurrences in the society. Many people are down broken and at the verge of giving up. People are depressed, oppressed, homeless and in debts. Life doesn't seem to be fair and most people think it's over for them.

This song is an assurance that God isn't dead. He sees and knows all we are going through and will never leave us stranded alone. Many have fallen from the path of righteousness because of the situation of life and some feel that God has forgotten.

Ebezina is a song of hope that urges man to put his hope and trust in God who is the way maker and provider. The chorus is styled in Igbo dialect.
This song is birthed from the place of worship and intimacy with God. It's not just a song but a heart cry to all believers of Christ that they shouldn't give up, nomatter the situation and condition they find themselves. God has always showed up even in the eleventh hour and that's why we must always put our trust in him.

I'm singing this song to encourage everyone who is about to give up and I believe it'll be a blessing to you not minding the dialect being used. You're free to download the song too and get your spirit awaken


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Thanks for sharing with us this song of encouragement.

You're welcome. We'll keep doing this for the lord and the people. Thank you so much

Nice cover dear
You really sang well

It's been a while, "Ebezina" is my cheer song.Thank you for blessing our heart.

Thank you so much dear. God bless you

Omo your voice na fire
This is beautiful Bahamian
Why u run since na
U been go Marry? Hehe
Weldone baba

Nice song.
You really sang well, your voice is just like a fire that can move mountains.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful song.

That's right. God is alive, which is why there's still a need to be hope.

You have a good voice. Thanks for sharing.


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Thank you so much. I really appreciate this

It is nice to see that you are back.
Great song choice, and you delivered well.
Well done.