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Music is absolutely good, but it can become nasty if played at the wrong time or to the wrong audience. I have always being of the opinion that their is no music that is in itself bad. I might be wrong, but that is my humble opinion. Now here is what I think about music. A music is only bad when it is wrongly used [or abused]. It is one's right to choose whether to love a particular genre of music or not, but considerations must be placed on the fact that every music have a purpose. In other words, there is a perfect audience [or place] for every music that there is. All one need to do is to play the right music at the right time. Here then is my definition of a good music: "a music that is being play at the right time and to the right audience. Having said all of these, journey with me then as I elaborate on some significance of good music.


A GOOD MUSIC MUST BE ENJOYABLE: If it be the case that a particular audience do not enjoy a music, it by implication implies that the music in question is bad. Just like I have already stated, the music is not necessarily bad in itself, it is bad because it is being played to the wrong audience. For one then to know if a music is good or bad, attention must be payed to the audience. A typical example is when an easy going R&B is being played in the hit of the party. For any song then to be considered good, it must enjoyed by the audience that it is being played for.

A GOOD MUSIC MUST MEET THE NEED OF THE MOMENT: If the aim of playing a particular music is defeated, it simply follows that that is not the right music for the moment or event. While playing a music then, one must first understand the moment, the audience, the event and even the environment. If a particular audience requires a dance-able Afrobeat song for instance, it will be absolutely out of place to play an easy going song for them; it certainly will not meet the need of the moment. On the other hand, playing a loud and noisy song when one needs to reflect and relax his or her mind would definitely cause more harm than good. A music then must serve it purpose before it can be considered good.

A GOOD MUSIC NOT BE OFFENSIVE: If a music abuses whoever the listener or audience might be, it simply implies that the music in question is completely out of place. In fact, such a music should not have been played at the first place since it does not provoking to who ever the audience might be. It is absolutely out of place to abuse people who ever it may be through the use of music.

CONCLUSION: What ever is good brings about goodness. With that being said, it is easier for us to identify that which can be refereed to as good music. In as much as every music is good in some kind of way, one must pay close attention to his/her environment while playing a music. In all, playing the right music at the right time is all that matters.

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