Afritunes Community. Week #115. Cover of "Mercy" by @glowie.

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Hi friends.
It's been a while. My entry for this week's role is "Mercy" by Moses bliss featuring Pastor Jerry Eze. I was surprised when I noticed that They're both involved in this song.

The song is a wonderful one, it points out the gratitude they give as a result of God's mercy and grace. The same thing applies to everyone. This particular song should be our song, it should be our testimony of what God has done.

This is part of the reason I chose this song to present as my entry for the week. I join their faith and will always be so grateful to God for his mercies 😇🙏.
Let this song bless your heart.

***Song Lyrics***

Lord, I’m amazed by how you’ve shown me Mercy!Chineke M’oh (My God), thank you for your Mercy (Repeat)
(From the Top)

I’m amazed for how you’ve showed me Favor/Goodness/MercyChineke M’oh (My God) , thank You for Your favor (Repeat)

Thank you for Your GraceThank you for Your LoveThank you for Your GoodnessThank you for Your Mercy

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You have an amazing voice and also did an amazing cover, kudos 👍.

Thank you 😊

This is stunning, keep your head high ma'am....

Thank you 🙏

You're doing very well, thank you for blessing us with your beautiful voice.

Thank you 😊

@glowie you sang so beautifully, Omo I was so connected to this song while listening to it. you did justice to the song and I'm just wishing I have voice like this, people for no hear word ooo🤣😜.

I really enjoyed your presentation @glowie 👍

😂😂😂😂 you gats train the voice o.
Thank you dear for stopping by.