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Hello everyone, this is Afri-tunes week #25 and for this week, I've chosen to perform a song by Judikay titled SOMETHING MORE THAN GOLD. This song is a song that tells us that there is something more than gold and that is Jesus Christ and I know that some of you already know that why there are some that don't but my message today is mainly to us that claim we know Christ and that he is more than gold.

We know how valuable gold is in our world today but the truth is Christ is even more than that but she used it because it's one of the most precious asset anyone can get and now she tells us that Jesus is even more than gold. I've watched a lot of movies where people go in search of gold and they can anything, absolutely anything to get that gold, they don't even mind Killing their partners just to get the gold to themselves.

Men can do all that for what will one day be no more (gold), how much more that which is more than gold. What have you done to prove that Jesus Christ comes first before anything else? The truth is, not everyone has been privileged to see gold because of how precious it is, you cannot find it just anywhere but Jesus Christ has humbled himself to be like us and even died for us so that we can be saved, what have we doing to show the world that we appreciate Christ who paid the debt for you at the cross?

Today we cannot see Christ but we do have his words with us which is the Holy Bible and there is no question we have to ask that his words won't provide an answer, the question is, do you believe him as you say you do? We get to hear his words every now and then but it seems as if the more we do, the more we see it as common and sometimes choose to ignore the message of truth that it has to offer.

For those that took out time to read this message, I hope you think on them and not just discard them because God told us in his words that, Christ is the way, the truth and the life, no one can go to the Father except through him, study the words of Christ so you won't be tossed about by every wind of teaching and that will show the world you value Christ more than gold.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed watching and also got the message.

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I love this song like anything, the song has it's special way of penetrating my bone marrow 😃😃
True, Jesus is more than Gold.
You present it so well too, good job dear 🥰

I'm so glad you love the song, hmm, your bone marrow? Wow that means you are healed now, right? 🥰.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such beautiful comment, it really got me 🙂.

@olujay, I could not tag you in the main post but I remember I could also do that at the comment section 🥰🥰.

Good morning Joe 🥰🥰.

Evangelist hope.. everything you mentioned there is nothing but the damn truth...
I really love the post from the writeup to the rendition...
You really did a great job dear friend!

Hehehe, that's a very sweet name, I love it 🥰❤️.... I'm so happy you got to read and also watch Obaro, you are blessed 💙.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a beautiful comment, have a great day ahead.

You are welcome dear @hopestylist
Enjoy your day too!

I will dear, you too ❤️🥰.




This is just wow... To be honest, you are too good. I just couldnt hold myself but to sing along. Keep it up babygirl..Your voice is catchy (If there is anything like that) lol

Awwn, thank you so much Dada, I'm glad my voice catches you, hehe. Oh wow, you sang along, that's really good to know 🥰🥰❤️.

@hopestylist this was a superb presentation. ❤

Thank you so much dear, I'm so glad you stopped by 🙈🤗.

Hmmm Something more than Gold, we all have something more than gold, even when we don't acknowledge him, He loves us still. Jesus is more than gold
Thanks for sharing this beautiful song
You also have an angelic voice, piercing through my soul

You're right, Jesus still cares as long as we change and come back to him.

I'm so happy you stopped by and your comment is just making me feel so happy too. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your amazing comment 🥰🤗.

You are amazing,
A pleasure to meet you

Thank you!! It's also a pleasure to know you too 🥰.

Awwwwwwn, thanks dear friend

You're welcome dear 🙈.

Hello @hopestylist
I must admit with all my heart that this is truely beautiful. I love your voice and the entire atmosphere of this entry. You are a star 🌟 dear. Keep it up. 😘

Awwn, that's really so sweet of you to say, I'm so glad you loved my entry 🙈🙈.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment, I truly appreciate it 🥰❤️.

You are welcome dear. It was nice stopping by 😉

Bigg hug 🤗🤗.

Have a fabulous day ahead 💙.

Gladly received dear. 🤗 Enjoy your eve

Sure, I will, thanks 🤗.

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A song I love coming from a girl I love ..


See your 5n voice and your pretty face..

You are doing well dear..

Keep it up and keep singing.

I truly enjoyed your performance. ❤❤

Awwn, I love you so much, thank you for warming my heart with such beautiful comment dear, I really appreciate it, you are a darling ❤️❤️.

I will surely keep singing and you too 🥰🥰.



Your voice and song is really good 👍
Keep it up...

Thank you so much Hasan, I'm so happy to have you stop by 🥰🥰.

😏I can say alot but it would be nothing compared to me saying this performance is something more than gold

Awwn, that's so sweet of you Nelson, you have just made me blush as well, hehehe.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment, I truly appreciate it.

Na wa oooooo
So spiritual, so suweet, so lovely, so hamazing 🥰
You sef, you are more than gold 🥰

Lovely piece dear

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Wow, is this @ksam? 🙈🤐

Thank you so much for the praises you've showered on me, I just hope I don't catch a cold, hehehe 😁.

Cold kwa
You can't catch Cold oo, since you are Gold 😁

Yes oo, I might catch a cold oo... I don't understand your motivation, me I'm gold, hmm.. Thank you 🥺.

Amazing! I really love this song 🥰 you sang well too.

I'm happy you love it. Thank you so much for your sweet words, I really appreciate it ❤️🙏.