Afritunes week #54:No Longer a slave by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser///covered by imasolo

in AFRI-TUNESlast year (edited)

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Hey guys!!! beautiful people in Afritunes community how are you guys doing?
It's my first time of posting in this community, and looking at the way things are going on here I'm in love with the community already.

So it's another contest and luckily for me I'm privilege to summit mine.
on this Contest I'll be singing No Longer a slave by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser.

why i choose this song is because this song comes from me winning my battle over fear , I can remember three years ago, I had an emotional battle with fear, I was practically afraid of everything in my life.🤦🤦
this fear affected me negatively even in my education and social life, I experienced low self-esteem and when i listened to this song, it spoke to my soul.

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Beautiful voice

Thanks my darling ❣️

Lovely voice here,

This song is one of the songs I do sing when I get depressed, and I personalize when singing.

Wow, so good to know dear 💝 and I pray it inspires others too. Thanks darling for stopping by 😘

You are welcome, 🤗

It's Afritunes lol
I'm seeing you for the first time here, welcome to Afritunes.
You shared a very nice song and sang it beautifully.
The song is a kind of reminder to let you know who you are when things like that make you have low self-esteem.

Quick one, for your next video, you would need to cite the source of your instrumentals. That is where you got your instrumentals. Also, the source of the lyrics of the songs so we can sing along with you. Afritunes is all about Celebrating African music only on Hive.

I love the audio output of the song you presented. Did you record yourself singing with the Starmaker app?

Did you get that vocal effect with the app? How did you go about it?

Your presentation is lovely. I hope to see more of you and I hope you have an amazing time here.

Thanks darling for the enlightenment I'll definitely do that in my next video.
So on the question, I recorded myself and on the vocal effects it came with the app. Check the app out you'll like it.

Wow, okay.
I will check it out.

Thank you.

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Omo see voice na! Chai God when??
Na this kind presentation na e @ksam suppose dey ask God when, lolz

You are welcome to the community dear, you have a great musical skill which we will be glad to keep enjoying from you here.
We are good friends here and a group of lovers of African music. Interact and make friends and enjoy.

@jessicaossom has said the needful, follow her recommendations and you will be fine..

You are welcome

Thanks darling for stopping by ❣️ without being told love lives here 💖

Yes o
You are welcome dear

Beautiful voice ❣️

Thanks Ebe ndó

I love this reggae version of this song and your voice sounds so nice. This song truly reminds us of our heritage in Christ Jesus.

I'm curious though, how did you get to record this? it's so clear and smooth.

I enjoyed your music. Much love😍

Thanks dear for stopping by

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you


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Hehehehehehehe there is war

Welcome, welcome beautiful
Afritunes was waiting for this voice
Thank you for bringing your charming voice sweetly down here

Beautiful rendition from a beautiful lady

🤦🤦🤦 you know I'm a shy person ❤️❤️ Thanks darling mmi. God bless you for me for coaching 💖

Shy gini

Amen oooo❤

Wow you have a melodious voice. I love the way you vibe with the song

This song is so inspiring and it's the right message to those passing through difficulties.

Weldone ma

Thanks darling ❤️❤️

You're welcome ma

Please ma, I need your assistance.
I have a 3speak account, but don't know how to make videos with it

Please can you help?

Someone helped me I don't how to do it.



This was an incredible performance especially for the fact that this is your first entry. I've always loved the starmaker app but I had to do away with it because of some issues I was having with my phone and I did not notice it has a video record too, interesting!

No longer slaves is a great song and you did justice to it, especially with the reggae version, which is totally lovely.

You're welcome to the Afri-tunes community and we do hope to see you do even better for your next entry. By the way, I'd love to advice that next time you put more effort to your writing, it shouldn't be nothing less than 300 words, although it is not a criterion for getting rewarded but it would just be helpful for yourself. And also make sure to give the source of the lyrics to the song you sing and also images you use so others can know if it's yours or for someone else.

Keep up the good work @imasolo, this is a beautiful cover.

Okay dear, thank you very much for the enlightenment.

The reggae pattern of this song just got me moving to its rhythm....this is beautiful dear....
Your vibrato makes it extraordinary incredible.