Hive Afritunes Week #88 || A Cover of Ijesu Igha gha @jesus-son

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Hello dear friends on hive Afri-tunes week #88, my name is @jesus-son as normal, hehe and I bring you Edo gbedu in this cover of mine to celebrate the week. I salute everybody wella and express my sentiment of gratitude to all who keep making this community to move forward with great works. Una do well o.

In this post, I shall make a cover of the song in Edo language called Esan language. The Esan language is one of the dominant language in Edo state. For the few months that I stayed in Edo specifically around Uromi, I tried to learn the language but e no gree me, hehe. Maybe I too get block head. Well, I learnt their song and here I present it to you.


The title of the song is 'Ijesu Igha gha'.
Those days, this song was the best song for the people of Uromi where I was. They often sing it in the church each time it the time for offertory and me I was just enjoying the rhythm and playing the keyboard, hehe. I loved it and always felt good to play it even though it was always repeated.

Well, the song is a song of praise to God to whom our offerings are directed. We have brought our gifts Lord, accept them and an sanctify us. Walahi naija get songs abeg. Sometime I wonder how the composers of these musics put together the lyrics and the melody. It's just so creative. Kudos to our composers and ofcourse to us too wey dey help them dey do covers of them for here on #hive, hehe.


I bring you this with joy and dancing in my heart. I hope you enjoy with me. Thanks for coming around and for your constant support. God no go forget you and He will accept your thanksgiving.
I invite my dear friend @juliopalomo to come listen to my local make, lolz

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See the fat, this one is not my eyes o, omo Jesus cut soap for us.
I dey jealous this presentation sha

Lolz, she says she see fat. Well, e b like u go need go slice onion make ur eye clear , hehe
Thanks dear

Wait o, abi na my eye, you don dey fat o. Your babe dey take care of you Wella. See as you dey smile up and down.

Una no kuku gree teach me how to play keyboard 🙄🙄🙄.

Amazing presentation as always.

Hehe, e b like na ur eye dey really pain u. Where u see d fat na, lolz
Thanks babe.
As u no gree be my babe I just dey babeless since haha


Learning the Esan language might not have worked out as planned, but the fact that you immersed yourself in the local music scene and even played the keyboard during your cover is impressive. I can feel the joy in your heart as I listened to your cover :)
Lovely cover Bro.

Thanks anty, u too much

I've really enjoyed your performance, my friend. It's a very nice and happy tune!

Thanks so much sir . Pleased to have you here

My pleasure!


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Thanks @beerlover and @ylich

My boss with the vibes, na that your shirt I like
Beautiful as always, Shea you nevrr tell me when you go teach me keyboard

Haha , if to say u b babe I for don teach u since, haha
Thanks bro for coming around

Nice.. one bro. You don Carey me go your side ooo.

Nice one Chief

Hehe, thanks man