AFRI-TUNES #16: My Mouth E No Go Tire (Cover) By Khaleesii

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This month of june has been a very challenging month to me and my family; from me falling sick and being rushed to the hospital, to my mother falling sick also, but there is one thing that I am grateful for and that is God's mercy and grace upon my life and my family.

As someone who is spiritual, I can't live life without acknowledging the presence of God and this month has made it very clear that he loves me.

For this week's afritunes, I didn't exactly know what I wanted to sing and I was overthinking and trying different songs before this song came to my heart.


I remember the first time I heard this song, it was sang at a musical concert in the carpenter's church by an artist named "modele" and I immediately fell inlove with it.

Giving thanks to the lord is something we should never be tired of and I am glad I could share this song with the title "my mouth e no go tire" by the carpenter's church.

I tried to find an instrumental for this song, but since I couldnt, I decided to go acapella.

I won't lie, this song is a bit out of my comfort zone, but I hope you enjoy my rendition and thank you for watching.




All the love in my heart cannot express my gratitude for what you've done for me, yeah
Given over my life, yeah
The mistakes I've made
The problems I have faced, to praise his holy name
I've got reasons to be thankful
I'm so very grateful, yeah
I just wanna tell the world, the whole world, that you have been faithful.

My mouth e no go tire,
To mention the things way you don do for me and I go praise your name forever, titilili (*2)

For my daily bread ( I thank you)
Roof over my head
For my family
I no sick for body
Money for pocket and I no go tire oh
I no go tire oh, I no tire ohhhh (*2)

My mouth e no go tire,
To mention the thing way you don do for me and I go praise your name forever, titilili (*2)

Source: written by me.
All rights belongs to the carpenter’s church.


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Although I had never heard of this song before, listening to you sing it made me fall in love with it. @Khaleesi, your powerful singing, took me to church.

Truly there's so much to thank God..
Thank you for reminding us...

Well done @khaleesii

Thank you so much, it is such an amazing song and I love it so much.

Actually sad that it wasn’t promoted or anything by the artist but oh well.

Thank you so much babes

Well, not everyone sings for their songs to be popular. ... I guess.

You are very welcome @khaleesiii

Stay blessed..

Yeah I guess so. Especially gospel songs.

You're so good at this, so much so that the song sounds so easy for you 😅.

I'd like to actually hear how you sound with the sound in the background.

I reckon it would be fire.

Great song, as always 😏

I wish I could find it, I don’t even have the song on my phone, it was simply listening to it on a video we had at home.

Thank you so much babes

Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much @stevenson7

This is beautiful, like always I love your expression.

I haven't heard of this song before but I just did, hehe 🥰.

Thank you for sharing this with us dear.

Thank you so much, I am glad you liked it, the song isn’t popular at all which is sad but oh well

Yes I liked it.

It's really sad because I think it's an amazing song.

It is actually, I didn’t even do justice

Hmm, what did you mean that you did not even do justice? Abeg let me nor hear it again oo. I understand what you are saying but abeg, leave I'm like that you hear? 😁🤭, next time worry about that, hehe.

😆 I meant the song sweet pass how I sing am, sorry ma, ill leave it

You still dey try explain 😂. No wahala, hehe.

😆 go jor

Do you have honey in your voice? Some people are just gifted and blessed sha. This is absolutely amazing and wonderful, Khal. Well done.

You and this hyping, you will soon burst m brain one day oh

🤣🤣🤣😂🤣 just saying it as it is na. You are a bundle of vibes and your voice is 🔥🔥🔥

Thank you so much 😊


I remember this song and I love it also, it brings so many memories

Thank you so much, I am glad you liked it.

You know I always love your singing :))

It’s means a lot, thank you

You are welcome

This is what I call an angelic voice😍😍😍

Thank you so much, you made my night

Happy I could be of help. Have a good night sleep

You too dear

Happy I could be of help. Have a good night sleep

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Thank you so much

Just hearing this song for the first time and the life/vibes wey you carry put for this song no be small thing oo...

I love your expression and voice in particular 😍

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Thank you so much, I am glad I could introduce a new song to people 😊

I love it and have got reason to be grateful too.
Beautiful sanged sis ❤💖

Thank you so much babes, we all have reasons to be thankful indeed

Great music!


Thank you so much


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Thank you

Wow nice job, sounded like your song....... The carpenters church 🤔. You in PH?

I grew up in PH so that was my church

Oh, PH breed 🙌🏽...... We we're new comers 🌝

Newcomers how?

Lolz, I mean me.... It's university education that brought me to PH

Ohh okay, that’s great

As always, you leave us in awe. Your voice ehn... Hope say you de choir?

No be only choir, leave me oh

Wow... Beautiful, lovely, awesome, pleasant, captivating... That's what your voice is.

Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much

The lyrics is just making so much sense to me..
I enjoyed your rendition @khaleesi dear😍🥰

Thank you so much dear, it is appreciated


Oh @khaleesii I have missed your presentations so much. Its really nice to hear you again. Indeed the Lord is gracious and kind and His praise will never cease from our mouths. Thank God for your health and your Mum's health, it turned out to be a testimony. Thank you dear 💕 ❤ 🎵🎼🎶🫂🫂

Awwwnnn, I am glad you are here, how have you been and indeed God is good

Oh I've been perfect, thank you sis. Looking forward to more of your music 🎶 🎵 🤗

Thank you so much