AFRITUNES WEEK 63 | Only You Can Do (Voice + Guitar Cover)

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Welcome to Afri-tunes Community; a community where we share, listen to and enjoy African music and tunes on Hive.

This is the 63rd week of our weekly contest on Hive. I encourage you to do well to subscribe, join in and present, as well as always check out for lovely African tunes in the Community.


In life, we go through varied stumbling blocks and difficult situations, some of which affirm how powerless we are to deal with such situations. It affirms how much limited or little control we have over things, and informs us to either give up on them while calling it fate or rely on a supernatural being to bring us out of that situation.

In such case, I guess I'm not among those who'll call it fate and then lose hope. Rather, I'm among those who'd prefer to rely on a Magnificent Being, who is God, while I try to do what is within my capacity. As a corporal being, I know how limited my abilities are and how powerless I am, albeit I know I can achieve some things humanly possible. But, there are other things that I prefer to pray and rely on God, who is infinite and unlimited in His capacity to do all things. But, you also know, while I pray, I'll play my own part by working towards it.


"Only You Can do" is a beautiful gospel song by the Nigerian artist Ada Ehi. The song speaks about the unlimited abilities of God to do all things and to change impossible situations around. It uses examples from the Scriptures that point to the magnificent works of God to heal the sick and raise the dead, things that are humanly impossible, especially the latter.

In this piece I'd play and sing, as usual, and I hope you enjoy this piece.


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Only God can do everything o...
This was a nice entry 👍

Thanks dearie
I appreciate your comment 🥰

You're welcome

My wonderful singer ...thanks for sharing this beautiful tune with us. Only you is one of the songs that made me fall in love with Ada. It's soulful and very inspiring and you have delivered this cover quite beautifully indeed. !luv it.🌺

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When will I sing song that will make them fall in love with me o 🤧🤧🤧

Awwwwn, thanks dear... I appreciate your sweet sweet comment 🥺 thank you for loving eeet 🥰

When will I sing song that will make them fall in love with me o 🤧

Shea I told you ever since to sing, you said no.😂

You're welcome dear. I enjoyed listening.🌺🤗

oya comman sing with me oooo

Omo! The guitar part just dey sweet me to listen, so you've started singing alongside playing 😎 The Boss!

Nice song choice for me to listen at this point in my life 😩

You are doing well, show us way Sir 🥺

Una don motivate motivational speaker na, I don go carry Jintao dey sing on top 😅😅😅

As in eeehn, I need the song in my life right now 🥲🥲

Am always happy listening to your presentation. You do well boss at the top.

Thank you so much haunty at the top

I appreciate your comment wella

One of the songs I love to sing when worshipping God.

Beautiful presentation 😍


Thank you so much dearie


Ada Ehi is an amazing gospel song artist
I really love this song of hers

And you did well with the song with your guitar 🎸
Amazing 👍✅

I hope to be Ur back up singer next time 😌😍

Chai, thank you haunty... I am still learning work ooooo

hahaha, you'll be the lead singer ooo, since I canno sing

The boss Himself
Are you not amazing

I have missed you shaaa ehhhhnnn
What's popping
I wish I could buy all the time in the world or could have control over it so that I will use it to check up on you💔😂😂😂💔💔💔

You are always on top
Back to Back

Wey you keep my @jesus-son

Awwwwn, I've missed you also... chai... see as ayam blushing well well here ooo

How've you been? and what have you been hiding from me since... lol

Me, ke? amazing ke? lol... eye yam not oooo

Amazing piece👏👏... My boss, you do well ooo. I loved your presentation.You for sha try cut small soap for your people naw😩

chai... haunty I still dey learn work like this oooo... no be joke...

Coman show me the way nau...

The same way wey you show me nai you want me to show you abi 😆 Uncle no be so oo

Hive is doing you well Boss..
You would have been hiding this great singing talent of yours from us...
Baba, you be qualify musician abeg🙏🙏👏👏😊😃

Omo... I still dey learn work ooo... I no qualify any musician for either semifinal or quarter finals... lol... not hat halll oooo

You know when the boss moves into action in anything good base...he's always on point to deliver the best to us.

Indeed @ksam you're gently the boss anytime for this wonderful entry. Lovely to listen, concise in picking the notes and very disciplined progressing from one note to another. Incredible bro

Weldon and many more of your best of talents.


chai... the boy still dey learn work ooo

Thank you so much brother... you to much

Omo ehhh, if you say you still dey learn..wetin someone lime me will say na😳😳😳?

Just admit your level as overall boss of all bosses. That all and true.

You're always doing well & often on the tract.

Weldon more bro and many more of you anytime.


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There situations in life that comes our way and makes us feel otherwise. However, I will keep trusting God because truly, only him can do what no man can do. Well done bro

A very powerful presentation 🎤🎶💯
You Rock boss 👍👍👍