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Hello Afri-tunes! Afro music lovers! I hope you are doing great!
It's a brand new week and opportunity here to celebrate again the afro genre of music. Kudos to the moderators of this beautiful musical opportunity!



Today I bring you a song that is not just African, but also very vibrant. Suffice it to say that this song I'm presenting to you will bring young to move your body in dance 🙌😏
Don't be decieved by it's slow tempo of the intro because gets better and faster with time.
The name of this song is Joy overflow by a passionate gospel artist known as Joe Praise.

Just from the title of the song, one could already tell that it is a song that testifies of overflowing joy in the life of a Christian. According to the artist, he has joy overflow because through the heritage of God in his life, he life has become sweeter, happier, greater and many more.

NB played the chords of the song with my acoustic guitar while singing to it, I also played the lead guitar lines as played in the original song with my electric guitar.

I hope you enjoy it!!!

Song Lyrics

I got joy, joy, joy
Joy, joy, joy, joy
Joy overflow, in my life! (Repeat)

I come from the kingdom, a beautiful kingdom
Where we laugh, and laugh, joy overflow
There is no sorrow, and there’s no weeping
We dance, and dance, and dance, joy overflow


Joy like a river, peace like a fountain
My life is greater, greater, greater: joy overflow
I’m the heritage of God, great things are spoken over me
My life is greater, greater, greater; joy overflow
Ah! I feel alright
Got the power and the spirit in my life
Oh, I feel alright
Got the power and the spirit in my life
1, 2, I feel alright
Counting all my blessings, name them one by one by one
1, 2, 3, 4, I feel alright
Counting all my blessings, name them one by one by one



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Incredible guitarist and a singer.. You did a great job here @magicfingerz I love the great qualities you give to your music man...
Keep Rocking 🎸🎶🎵💜🎯💯💕🎤🎺

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The boss himself! I am humbled by your positive words towards my presentation.
When I grow, I want to be like you 😂😂🙌
Thanks for all you do for our lovely community!

I am very happy to see all the work and growth of all the users of the Afri-Tunes community. Users like you make everyone notice this space with your great talent. You are a musician deserving of applause, congratulations... By the way, I guess you haven't heard that you were chosen to choose the theme of the week 143 of the Hive Open Mic, we are waiting for your answer. I'll leave you our community concert from last week below:

Oh my good friend! I thank you so much for all the heart warming and encouraging words you give me through your comment. Words alone cannot express how much it means to me!!

I am so sorry, I missed the invitation extended to me by the HiveopenMic community. I am deeply honoured to be considered for this opportunity.

I will give my response by tomorrow through the comment section of that post.

Thanks so much @jesuslnrs for being such a great help!

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Boss Boss this is another banger oo, you just dey give me goosebumps 😃😃 I love your style man. You're talented and one of the best around.
Keep up the good work boss.

You did great brother
Your passion while singing is splendid, you're full of energy
I like what the lead guitar is playing
You sound very professional

The number one
You neva fail to choke us with better jamz brotherly
This one sweet me in a special way.

Those guitar lines wey you use we suppose turn am to Music NFT 🙌

I love how you made the song yours with your style. It was very brilliant of you. Well done.

How do you guys overlay videos and make it sync together? I love it. Well done.

Is the energy for me? 😁 You're good abeg, no argument 😂

Come and teach me how to play one of the guitar at least na... Na only small voice I get 🥲

Nice song choice by the way