Afri-tunes week #100 // Original (A prayer for you) by mamab

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Greetings to everyone on Afri-tunes week 100, congratulations to Afri-tunes on clocking the big 100 weeks. This is mamab and I am super excited to bring to you my entry for the week. Today is actually my birthday 🎂, happy happy birthday to me 😊. I wish myself happiness, open doors and divine expansion in Jesus name.

Birthdays come once in a year, so permit me to rock it to the fullest. I will be singing an original song I wrote some few years ago. It has been released and it's online too. It's a special prayer dedicated to me and everyone who is climbing a new sphere in life. The song is titled "A prayer for you".

As you go into the wider world mmm
As you face a wider place
Than this pla...ce
Just a prayer for you
This is my wish for you
I pray Jesus go with you
I pray favour go with you
I pray blessings go with you
I pray wonders go with you
Eh eh eh eh
Jesus go...o o go with you

Jesus go Jesus go with you
Oh oh oh oh
Jesus go Jesus go with you
Oh oh oh oh
Jesus go Jesus go with you
Oh oh oh oh
Jesus go Jesus with you
Oh oh oh oh


The world is full of darkness o
The world is full of uncertainties o
Challenges everywhere o o
Valley of dry bones everywhere mm
I pray Jesus go with you
I pray breakthrough go with you
I pray mercies go with you
O o o I pray greatness go with you

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Happy birthday love. God 🙏 bless your new age.


Happy birthday to you. More grace for speed in fulfilment of your Purpose in life.

Thank you

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Happy birthday ma'am. Enjoy God's grace

Thank you

Happy birthday ma
This song is so powerful ma
Bravo 👏, I'm loving it

Thank you

Wow nice entry beautiful voice i love it and happy birthday to you new age with grace more money in you wallet.

Amen and thank you.

Thank You for sharing this with us @mamab

This is beautiful one my sister ,you really did well ,keep it up

Thank you Sir

Happy birthday dear.