Three African Tunes From Asa To You & I

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It's another Tuesday to celebrate music and share some tunes from our list. Today has been so different and tiring for me as I've been battling with a flu. Regardless of that, my head plays different songs and I can still remember clearly some tunes I'd love to share for #ttt

I said something cool to my sister today... I was like "If I could meet Asa someday, there are three songs I'd love for her to sing live to me"

Those three songs are what I'd love to share for #ttt today and I'm hopeful you'll get the beautiful messages each of them have for you and I.

I'd love to start by saying, this lady Asa has won my heart with her songs and how original they sound with her unfiltered voice. I also like how she let her tribe tune sound in her songs, I guess I love the yoruba tribe language since I'm in love with Simi songs too because of that.

So here are the three tunes from Asa to you and I.

"Bibanke" is a yoruba song with some English words in the lyrics. I'm yet to get the exact meaning of the song but I like the beat of the song, the dynamics and how the yoruba sounds in it. I first listened to this song in the Nigerian idol last season before this year's own. Maybe it was the way the lady presented it, I enjoyed it so much.

A Hive singer also made a cover of the song here and I got to love the song more. I think I had it downloaded after I listened to it for the second time. You won't believe I actually thought Asa's only song has been "Jailer" until I began to hear more songs from her.

"360°" is another song I've come to love since I heard a Hive singer shared a cover of it. I downloaded it immediately because I've been hearing the chorus part for a while from different places until I heard the whole song recently. I like the song so much that I've learnt it but not perfect to do a cover of it yet.

It's a song with a beautiful message to any who would listen, I like the part where she advice that humans look beyond our different colours to live as one.

"Comforter's song" is a good one too but this one she was featured to sing in it with Jeremiah. I won't lie, I've heard a cover of this song that was way better than the original. It was so well covered that I had to go look for the original to add to my playlist but I was a little disappointed to hear it.

Indeed, some covers are amazing but then there's always the feeling that the original artists puts into their songs that covers don't. You'll enjoy this tune as well, got some beautiful messages too.

Asa has done great songs in the past like "Jailer" and "Fire on the mountain" that I love too, she is an interesting artist that you'll love for her songs. Do check out these tunes I've shared, they are for you.



Asa is one unique music artists I have know my entire life. She is one that keeps herself and her stuffs off the internet and her songs are real event that must have occurred or something related to that! My favorite so far is "Jailer" and "Fire on the mountain".
#dreemerforlife #dreemport

Oh I didn't think she keeps off the internet. That's a cool thing about her.

Asa is one of my favourites. I am so much in love with his style of music, and I am happy to have found my fellow Asa lover😄. I love the fact that her songs are dept in meaning, and I also love the fact that majority of her song are afro. She is a great musician for me...

Hehe you're right, she's a unique artist indeed 😊

Yes she really is.

Asa to the world, its always her uniqueness for me as well, cool selection babe, now I'm thinking of doing bibanke cover for afritunes hehe😁

Wow you know the song? I can't wait to hear a cover from you then 😁
Bring it on!

I love Asa's voice and her songs are very good. Thanks for sharing these amazing tunes.


Yeah I do too, thanks for listening

Give it to ASA to take you to places beyond human interception. Her music is forever green.

Indeed 😍

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