Afri-tunes, week of 65th// "Oluwa mi yo dide" by "Ajewole and choir" (cover) @Oladayo1

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Good day music lovers, I hope you are all doing great?
I welcome you all to a new week of Afri-tunes, 65th week, May the good God arise on our behalves (Amen)

My entry for this week that is titled "Oluwa mi yo dide" which English interpretation is "The Lord will arise" means, only God can arise to a situation and overcome or conquer it without any scar in one's life. If only God can arise in his Glory over a life that is suffering or lacking,the life will never ever remain the same. The song is actually a powerful song that highly rates God for his mightiness. Also, the writer of the song has looked everywhere but all to no avail. so, for him to be free from captivity, he needed to call God for him to be totally free from every boundage. The battle is a battle of principalities of powers and leader in the realm of the spirit, only God can intervene and conquer, without God, not winning of battle. you can not use evil to conquer evil,it will always back fire, it is an impossible mission. We all need God to fight our battle for us to be a winner and a conqueror.

____Stay Good and Enjoy!!!!!

Lyrics:- Oluwa mi yo dide, ninu ogo re( my God will arise in his Glory)
amu nu mi dun(He will make me glad)
ayigba mi pada si rere (He will life to good one)
awo mi le wu ogo, (he will put the cloth of glory on me).
adaa aso egan kuro,(He will take away the cloth of shame).
Oluwa mi yo dide nitorii temi (My God will arise because of me).
oh oh oh, oh oh
oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh.

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wow, i love this song. such a nice entry presentation champ!

Thanks for your love
Am grateful, boss

I love the yoruba language, I learnt small whilst my stay at lagos. This song is more of a prayer.

The lyrics are powerful
And your voice lovely as well

Thanks so much for your words of encouragement
Am really grateful

Nice rendition..The lyrics gives glory to God. It's a nice song, and you sang it well too.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thanks for your kind words
Am glad you love it

I love this song so much, the lyrics are so powerful. Moreso, it's a song of prayer.
Well done, keep up the good work brother.

Thanks so much boss
Am grateful you love it

I particularly love Yoruba language, their accent and all. I like how you sang the song.

Nice presentation

Awwwwn awwwn
Thanks so much boss
Yoruba language is kind of lovely trust me.
And thanks for your kindness, I am for real grateful

You're welcome 🤗