AFRI-TUNES#76 ~` Gbolahan Odukoya - Agbanilagbatan ( My Redeemer) [Cover]

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Hello Music Lovers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

It's week #76 on @afri-tunes . I am @rukkie and for this week, I will be presenting a song by Gbolahan Odukoya titled "Agbanilagbatan (My Redeemer).

I chose this song as a way of appreciating God's work in my life. "Agbanilagbatan" in this context means the one who saves me completely. I can boldly say without God in my life, I wondered what would have become of me. So any chance I get, I don't hesitate to give God the praises and honor He deserves.

Have you ever been in a situation where all hope seems lost ? I'm sure most of us will have our own story to tell of God's intervention in our lives. There is one thing I always say in my prayers that even if it's at the eleventh hour, God should always come through for me and He has never failed me.

The lyrics of the song says it all, without His Grace in our lives, we have no power of our own to do anything. This song is in Yoruba Language and I do hope you enjoy my presentation.

Here is the lyrics to the song.

Oluwa ti s’oun nla (God has done marvelous thing)
T’enikankan K’o le se (That which only Him can do)
Eniyan l’o ti pari (Even when men said it’s not possible)
Sugbon Baba ti se o (But He did it)
Nitori na mo yin O (‘Cause of this I praise You)
O se baba (Thank You Father)

Click Here for the rest of the lyrics.

Thank you all for watching.

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Nice one dear
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I thank God for you
Lovely rendition dear

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Checking through today, i am just seeing most of my favorite songs been rendered and I really love the fact that I'm seeing them on here. You have an amazing voice and you have done well, Kudos to you

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Amazing song choice sis..
Well done

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