AFRI-TUNES#86|| Fireboy DML - Yawa (Trouble) [Cover]

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Hello Music Lovers ❤️❤️❤️❤️

It's the start of another beautiful week and also the 86th week in the @afri-tunes community.

For this week, I will be presenting one of the songs suggested in the community which is titled "Yawa" by Fireboy DML.

The first time I listened to the song, I fell in love with it because of the message it entails. It was on repeat in my playlist. "Yawa" is a slang used to describe "Trouble".

I chose this song because it gave insights to the challenges one face on their road to success and the funny part of all this is that many people don't seem to see how one struggles to get to the top.

The problem comes after the person has probably achieved something, then there comes different talks,"tongues wagging" and they begin to give different analysis about the person and how they acquire their wealth.

People who doesn't know their success story starts to insinuate they probably got their wealth through illegal means and starts spreading rumors to bring such person down.

I think what we should all know that "people will always talk", it's like we are all wired like that. So why not do you? Instead of looking for validation from people who didn't care about your struggles towards the success ladder. As long as you work hard and put God first, you will always go beyond your dreams.

The song has a mixture of Nigerian Pidgin and Yoruba Language but I hope you enjoy my presentation.

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Thank you all for watching.

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Make una con teach me how una dey do all these fast beat musics na 🙄
See as I dey here dey envy u
You do well

😃😃😃😃. You be my oga na. Na me suppose come learn from you.

Na so dem go dey talk every time. If u no wan teach me just tell me, lolz


Thank you for the support.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 180 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Hi Haunty, Do you have any challenge engaging with other people's posts in the Community?

Hi Boss, it's good to hear from you. It's been a while.

I don't have any challenges. I will work more on engaging with others.

Thanks for coming around.

Oooh thank God....
Just wanted to confirm

Omor ur smile alone ehhhh don finish everything😍 😍
Nice presentation

😃😃😃 thank you so much for watching.

E come be like say na you write and na you get the song.

Well-done 👏

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See Fire assistant, see as you de blow our minds
No worries I go tell Fire boi to sign you up
That was great dear

😃😃😃 make him con sign me o make me self blow.

Hi dear, you are so amazing 😍
I really enjoyed watching your sing.
You're really great 👍.
You rock.