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The lyrics "you are great" by Theophilus Sunday are a simple yet powerful declaration of God's greatness and uniqueness. The song praises God for His unmatched superiority and acknowledges that there is no one like Him in existence.

The phrase "you are great" highlights God's majesty, sovereignty, and awe-inspiring nature. It reflects a deep reverence and admiration for His limitless power, wisdom, and goodness. By acknowledging God's greatness, the lyrics suggest that He is above all other beings and has no equal or rival.

The phrase "nobody like you" emphasizes the uniqueness and incomparability of God. It suggests that He stands out from all others, possessing characteristics, qualities, and abilities that are unrivaled and unparalleled. The lyrics acknowledge that there is no one who can match God's greatness or compare to His magnificence.

The phrase “Hallelujah Girma na ka ne” are a combination of English and Hausa, a language predominantly spoken in West Africa. The translation of the lyrics is as follows:
“Hallelujah”-A word used in Christian worship and praise means “Praise the Lord” or “God be praised”
“Girma na ka ne” – This is a phrase in Hausa that translates to “You are great.” This phrase is expressing admiration, reverence and acknowledgment of the greatness of God.

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Look at the voice now, it's so sweet and lovely. I love how you play the guitar and sing along. It's incredible, my gee.

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Wonderful voice @sampraise77
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He is indeed great my brother. The things which he has done in our lives has shown that he is great.
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