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Hello Afri-tunes community and all lovers of music, it's another week of Afri-tunes weekly event, week #65.
For this beautiful week I'll presenting a song titled "oshuba" by Peterson okopi. The music minister is a wonderful and anointed worshipper, have not seen him do fast beat songs and I think he barely does that kind of music but slow songs (worship) he's very good at that, with the help of God this particular song made him trend, he was widely known through this song.

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The song is purely a song of praise to God, "oshuba re mare" meaning "here is your praise" as the supreme being (God) do not eat food or drink water, the only thing He eats and drink is our praise and thanksgiving. He has so much delight in it and also dwells in the praises of His people.

Even as human beings when someone shower us with praises, especially if it's someone that knows how to praise us in our family way, every family and every town has their own unique way of praising them. Some people are so good at this that they will praise you to the extent that you won't know when you'll deep your hands in your pocket to give them money.

If we get excited when someone shower us with praises how much more God, that is the only food He eats, so when we give Him the way it should be given, He shower us with overflowing blessings.

By the way, don't mind my frog voice lols, just focus on the lyrics 😃 I hope you all enjoy my little presentation, thanks. 🥰

Eh, eh, eeh
Osuba Re mare O eh
Osuba Re mare O eh
Eh, eh, eeh
Osuba Re mare O eh
Osuba Re mare O eh
Olorun t’O leh mimi O
Osuba Re mare O eh
Eh, eh, eeh
Osuba Re mare O eh

Oba Adaked’ajo
Oba Oludaabobo mi
Mo gbe iba fun O
Oh, Oh, Ooh, Mo fori gbale
Mo gbe iba fun O
Oh, Oh, Ooh, Mo fori gbale

check full lyrics here


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I personally love praises, I mean who doesn't? If we as human beings love praises how much more God 🤷?

I will never stop praising him. Beautiful rendition dear

Yeah we shouldn't stop praising Him...
Thanks dear 🥰

You're welcome

I absolutely love this song
Peterson is a great worshiper,
Your selection and Presentation make sense pa
Well done bossman🙌🙏

Thanks my G 👍

Giving Osuba to a king in a Yoruba land is one thing that always change the atmosphere. Now, giving Osuba to the sovereign KING is like heaven on earth, so divine.....
Great presentation friend 👍

lols, yoruba's like us will understand the meaning more.

Thanks so much dear 🥰

You're right dear
You're welcome....

I enjoyed singing this song too and Peterson actually did great coming up with this amazing song. It makes one go deep in praising God and appreciating Him for His faithfulness. Nice cover from you.

Thanks princess ✌️

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks boss 🙌

God does not eat or drink indeed, praises and worship is his food.
I love this song so much, it's feels is just so divine!
Great rendition as usual bro!

Thanks my man, i really appreciate.