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Hello Afritunes family, it's a new week to post an entry for Afritunes,and I'm excited to post this one because it's been a while.
I've not been posting for a while so I'd like to thank my friend turned brother @olujay for his motivation and encouragement that birthed this video.

Xtra cool (Extra cool)was released this year by a full time producer who just recently started music earlier this year as an artist and he's making waves already as his level of infusion and use of tunes is superb.

I'm sure you would vibe to this music as it brings us closer to seeing the creative output afro beats or African music is delivering nowadays.

Thank you so much for watching this video,I do not take it for granted!

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Hola familia de Afritunes, es una nueva semana para publicar una entrada para Afritunes, y estoy emocionado de publicar esta porque ha pasado un tiempo.

No he estado publicando por un tiempo, así que me gustaría agradecer a @olujay por su motivación y aliento que dio origen a este video.

Xtra cool fue lanzado este año por un productor a tiempo completo que recientemente comenzó a hacer música a principios de este año como artista y ya está haciendo olas porque su nivel de infusión y uso de melodías es excelente.

Estoy seguro de que vibrarás con esta música, ya que nos acerca a ver la producción creativa que los ritmos afro o la música africana ofrecen hoy en día.

Muchas gracias por ver este video, no lo doy por sentado. La miniatura se hizo con canva y los videos se editaron con Inshot y Viva video.


Uloma I dey on my ten toe
And I don tell you taya, make we dey like extra cool
Oh can we go back to the time when this loving sheshebere?
You know I love you but am always on the road
Girl na you put me in the mood
and I know you want tattoo
And I carry shoulder down for you jowo mafimi pa
And you don make my spinal loose
I don carry shoulder down for you jowo mafimi pa

Omo your ringing tone no wan commot for my head
(No wan commoti for my head)
ko wale
I’ve never seen a girl so fine like you in my life I must confess
I must confess

Pe mi l’oruko koya fami ni rugbon
Soro si mi anyhow moma (Soro si mi anyhow my darling)
I know e no easy to understand me
You know I love you but I’m always on da road
Can’t lie you put me in the mood
and I know you want am too
and I carry shoulder for you jowo ma fi mi pa
I don make my spinal loose (omo you don make my spinal loose)
I don carry shoulder down for you jowo ma fi mi pa
ko wale

Omo your ringing tone no wan commot for my head
(No wan commoti for my head)
ko wale
I’ve never seen a girl so fine like you for my life
I must confess
Omo your ringing tone no wan commot for my head
(No wan commoti for my head)
ko wale
I’ve never seen a girl so fine like you for my life
I must confess


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Appreciate it,hope to see you next time



VheekthorJay is a Christian,Drummer,Singer,Writer,Farmer,lover of hive,Badass Chef,striving to become a better version of himself.

He learns on a daily basis and looks at every disappointment as a blessing.

He is kind, loving and a good person.Thank you for always supporting him!!!!

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I use to know Young John as the wicked producer but it's really amazing that he is responsible for this awesome lines...
Man.. it's actually been a while, Thanks to @olujay he didn't want us to miss you more than we've done😊😊 hope you are good over there? We've missed your radiant presence here in the community but I'm glad you are back rocking extremely with us.. I love to hear you sing those love songs because you do them from the heart couple with the amazing tunes you produce, you are a great musician and you've just showcase that talent here with us...
Thank You For sharing this amazing entry with us @vheekthorjay

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Thank you so much brother
As in,young John came prepared to be an artist oo,too good
I'm privilege to hear something like this from one of my bosses
Thank you so much bro
I don't take it for granted
And yes I'm fine, appreciate your concern
And I've missed your trumpet covers as well bro

It's a great sweet feeling to have you back...
Let's continue rocking Bro 🎵🙏🙏🎺💙❤️🎸

Omoo...walai, I just confess. You nailed it!

I haven't heard this song nor the artist before, but I can tell that it's a banger. But I am also sure I'd prefer your version. You have that Afrobeats voice, bro.

I'm so glad you pushed through the pressure and came out with content for us to enjoy. It's not so easy juggling responsibilities.

Welcome back, man!

Mad my Gee
Thanks jare
Na you ginger me laidiz, inspiration is very vital in content creation
Appreciate you always brother
Afrobeats voice,thanks boss
I learnt from you sir,the best,the one and only Chris brown of our time

It's good to be back brother!
Thank you!

One day, Chris Brown go arrest you 😅

Do you know this song has been on repeat on my playlist? I'm currently in love with the song, the beat and the rhythm is just so pleasing to the ear.

The way you execute your cover is just so beautiful and you have this lovely voice too. I really love your presentation 🥰🥰🥰

Thank you so much dear
Same as me
I've probably heard this song a zillion times,maybe because it's about 2 mins long
But it's majorly because it sounds different and interesting
Thank you so much dear, 🥰❣️❣️

The Masterpiece himself!
Dropping bangers as e dey hot well well!

Brother its been a while, we've sure missed you in the Community. I hope things have been going on well with you?

Lovely performance and voice as always. We are glad that you were able to participate for this week. We hope to see you around frequently.


My oga sir
The master of the masterpiece himself
I don miss you and your whining sir😂
You are highly appreciateD sir
Yes boss,we bless God sir,I'm alright
I hope you're good too boss
Yes boss
I'm fully back!
Thanks Gee

I don miss you

If you be babe, I for talk say I miss you too... but as you be guy.... I miss garri pass, my brother

Yes boss,we bless God sir,I'm alright

Thank God oooo
Everything go set las las

I'm fully back!

Make sense
Thank God say we go dey see you around like say you be mtn

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Hmm this song is among those songs that is making the town bubbling at the moment... The song is so lovely, young John killed this piece.

And then your cover is also absolutely brilliant brother, you did justice to the song. Good job 👍

I'm telling bro
It's the rave of the streets now
And everyone is feeling it
I'm glad you liked it
Thank you so much
Appreciate you brother

You're always welcome boss

Ahhh this song don reach here? 😂 Once it's played in my area, people just scream and start dancing 🤣

Even your Acapella version is making me want to dance, you are good abeg.

Nice cover... Thanks for sharing it with us and we hope to listen to more of your African tunes 😊