My 3 Reggae Memories

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Lately I’ve been having fun meeting people in the Jahm tribe. There are lot of good vibes here, I’m really liking the feel of this tribe.

There’s a blogging challenge going on for reggae month that’s been pretty legit so far. I’ve been introduced to some new music that I’ve never heard before that was actually really dope. And I heard a track from Sean Paul that took me back to some good memories in my childhood.

The interesting thing about my list is that I’m from a place of the planet called Oklahoma. It’s a little country place in the middle of the United States. So my relationship with reggae is a little different than others in the tribe but I hope you all can fell me.

Growing up I heard about Bob Marley, but No Letting Go by Wayne Wonder was the first reggae song I can remember hearing growing up.

It’s seriously one of the most beautiful songs ever. It used to come on this infomercial all the time, and even now in 2020 if you play this it a party people love it...

The next one is a little newer, but like I say I grew up on hip-hop, and the first time I saw this video I remember thinking this girl got FLOW for real.

And the song just feels so good. Checkout Toast By Koffee

I’m going to cheat a little bit on by last one and go with a playlist. This playlist was playing during a lot of herb sessions in college.

It’s just the sound that I think of when I think of reggae music. The whole thing is just straight fire though...

So there’s 3 reggae memories from a Oklahoma born and raised millennial. It’s dope how music can transfer energy across oceans, across time, and across cultures.

I grew up mostly on HipHop and R&B, but being a kid who grew up with YouTube I’ve actually found quite a bit of really good reggae music that I’ve enjoyed over the years. And now those vibes are connecting me with people all over the world!

Pretty crazy when you think about it!

But be sure to check out the original post for this blogging challenge:



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Oh man that Diwalli Riddim , all the songs on it were a hit! But " No letting go" brought the romance vibes to the riddim. I almost put this on my Vday Reggae playlist post!

Koffee is the Reggae savior right now LOL, bring the flow, consciousness and the feminine !

Oh man! Nothing like a roots reggae mix to blaze up to.
Thanks for this post man, I felt the memories and vibes way over here!

Bless Up!

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No letting go is a Valentine’s Day hit for sure! I think I’m a add a dedicated hive playlist as one of my gifts to my lady for Valentine’s Day, we’re gonna be snowed in here for Vday over the weekend here. I gotta get a little creative...

Appreciate the support 🙏🏾

Hey... Thank you for reminding me of this Wayne Wonder song... I haven't heard that one in years, but is definitely a good one! And didn't know Koffee yet as an artist but this song is indeed fire; the positive text and the vibes in which it is being sung.

Happy more people are joining in to broaden my Reggae music knowledge, because I myself didn't listen much to Reggae when I was younger, besides the usual Bob Marley, Inner Circle and Jimmy Cliff. But that's the beauty of how music and the blockchain gets people together to work on something positive and great I hope.


Yeah no letting go is a timeless hit. I’ll never get tired of that song.
A lot of great music floating around here though I just found out about jimmy cliff a couple days ago in another post. I’m a have to look more into his music. I’ve been missing out

Yeah I know Jimmy's music because it was played regularly on the radio- and tv stations here. Especially the Reggae music that's classic right now. And oftentimes I knew the music because I've heard it, but didn't know the artists behind the songs, so that's what I'm learning here 🙈

Really nice post. I'm kind of old and I mostly listen to radio in my life so very little you have a great day enjoy

Lol nothing wrong with the radio, as long as they’re playing what you enjoy.

Thanks stopping by and sharing 🙏🏾

Maaaaan...The Diwali riddim on the Wayne Wonder tune.....Memories.

It’s a classic for sure!

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