The food I think is hype in Nigeria

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On that fateful day, i didn't feel like eating rice nor garri and soup, for a second, I was not having appetite for these two and to me, I think I became a different person to myself, because, if I was being told, I would not believed any food can replace the way i like rice. Garri and soup I will say this one is undebatable.

it all goes on during my higher school year, the students were waiting for lecturer to come to class, but he didn't showed up, maybe, it was because of the rain that day, since it was on rainy season.

While in the class, I received a called from my landlord who was into yam business, he was back from market, he and his friends, they used to travel to the Northern part of the country to buy yam.

He thought I was at home, since it was on saturday, not knowing our lecturer fixed a test for us that day.

When I got back, his last son who was staying with him came to my room and told me that his father want to see me, I got there and it was work o'clock.

The three of us, including his driver making it four, load the yams on the truck and the driver took it to the shop, my landlord brought out five tubers of yam for me, and I couldn't thanks him enough, if it was now, that five tubers of yam would have worth close to twenty thousand naira, do not tell me I am wrong about the guessing price, just go to the market yourself and see, things are very costly.

As students, my friend called, he asked what I have at home, I told him, I have food stuff but, I do not have appetite to eat, and since in the morning I am not feeling hungry a bit, he told me that he is still in school, but he would be coming to my house right away.

He came and met me while checking my new jeans, I bought the jeans while I was going back home, he never care to tell me, if the jeans was okay for me or not, all he was saying was, "guy I am so exhausted, I need to eat".

Boom!, he saw the five tubers of yam, and asked me, if I bought them that day, I told him, my landlord gave them to me, boom!!, that was when the story started, he looked at me again, "guy, your jeans is fine ooo".

He was really good in teasing someone, especially, when he sees what he likes, Fred, said, he was going to make a delicious porridge yam and he is sure, I was going to like it, infact, that his porridge yam was going to brings back my appetite.

To be frank, I was happy about all he said, I assist Fred in cutting onion's and grinding the crafish and pepper, I was ready to eat something so delicious due to how he hype the meal. On my own, I do not cook porridge yam, I enjoyed roasted yam or pounded yam with a lot of meat, but with the way he described the porridge yam to me, I was ready for a sumptuous meal.

I saw Fred eating, all I was thinking was, maybe, he was tasting to see if he needs to add maggi or any other ingredients, but my guy was done cooking, he dished it in a plate and asked us to eat together.

I do not mostly like eating with someone, but I was obeying everything my guy said, because, I felt the meals he prepared would be so good, so "why do I have to question a good chef like him, the first thing I see that gave me a minus sign was how watery was the meal.

I asked him why is it so watery, my guy told me, that is the way porridge yam is prepared, I should tastes it, and I am going to like it, at this point, I was still obeying everything from Fred, untill I taste it, I wish he looked at my face, he would understand that I didn't like the porridge yam a bit, but he was busy enjoying himself.

I took my spoon to the kitchen, I didn't want to tell him that I did not like the meal, I fear he might get upset, If i do, so I told him, I would eat later when I have appetite.

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Polish yam? Or porridge? Polish yam doesn't sound familiar and it's true that one man's food is another man's poison.

Your buddy sees it as a fantastic meal but it wasn't the same for you. I will check to see what polish yam is.

Omg! What will I tell my unborn children of this mistake, thanks bro, you are right, I am going to correct it, porridge yam, isn't a good meals to me, many people love it, but I am not among, but I have those that I can't skip a week without eating 🥰🙏