Water Fountain Summer Fun

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Summertime is here again, the rainy season is over. It is approximately 5 days before the 2020 Olympics starts but the date of writing is July 18, 2021.

Crypto-wise, the markets are in a slump...but you know what, it is always a good time to enjoy life and be in the moment. The family and I went to one of our park spots in the prefecture to experience the water fountain showers ( for lack of a better name ). The kids really enjoyed this activity.

The twins were excited the moment they heard we were going to this water spot. Just look at their faces in the picture above. There were many families here and everyone was having a good time. There is actually a pool near by, but because of covid restrictions, we heard only people from that exact town can enter. Not to mention the amount of restrictions that would apply at the pool like no running.

During other seasons, the fountains are off, but even then, they make for good visuals. I took a picture of them a few months ago and many were wondering what it was, well here it is, it is a way to stay cool in the summer, and an activity the kids can enjoy.

My youngest did not like the water gushing down on him at all, but I know he will learn to like it. I feel he just has not gotten used to holding his breath and avoiding the water from entering his nostrils.


One may think, "what a waste of water", but I think this water filters into the ponds on the park and makes sure the Koi fish have an ample supply. Knowing the Japanese mind set, they would not let this water just go down the drain. I took my youngest to go see the koi as he was not liking the water at all. It was a good "Pondig" time.

Here is my youngest, Aijah, running away from the water coming towards me. I wonder how he will act when he first enters the ocean. We shall find out soon enough as no summer is summer without a trip to the beach. Hmmm I wonder when Aijah will be able to travel to Jamaica? That is the question in these times but I am optimistic.





Our neighbors were actually the ones that put us on to this spot. Really grateful to have them in our lives. We have known them for ages. The husband, who is not in the picture obviously, I have basically known him since I have been in Japan. He is a wealth of information and helps me to navigate some of the more technical parts of Japan that most Japanese and foreigners have no clue about. I always tell him he should write a book or start a youtube channel.


Above is where we based and took shelter from the sun. Many people brought tents to protect themselves agains the scorching sun. it is like the beach sure here without the sand 😂. In the pic below to the left you can see my brother from another mother, Naoki. He is good with kids. I guess because he is still a big kid.

Later in the day we all converged at my place and had dinner and drinks. I got an unexpected message from a friend I have not seen in ages. She said she was in town and wanted to stop by and bring some watermelons from her parents’ farm. Just stopping by used to be just that, but in these times there is that question at the back of your head you have to ask yourself especially when someone is coming from a big city........

When she arrived with her husband and kid, the first thing she said to me was, "ah, maybe we should not come in as I have the Yokohama vibes on me". Basically she was saying that Yokohama has many cases of the C and she just wanted to be careful. You see how this thing has us separated and in fear?


But now she got me a little paranoid and actually there were already people in my small place. We chilled outside a bit and then I remembered that we were actually gonna do fireworks. Well, one of the twins reminded me. So I suggested we all do fireworks in a near by car-less parking-lot. My friend from Yokohama also knew the neighbors we went to the water park with as well as the neighbors that lived directly beside me, so we all went to light up the night.

For two of the children there ( the kid of my friend from Yokohama and the kid of my next-door neighbor), it was their first time doing fireworks. It made me think how much fun my kids have on a regular and how many things they get to experience. I want to show them more. I want them to live full lives full of vibes and so it shall be.

Blessed Love Dear Reader.




Hello my friend! I see the boys are growing like a yeast cake. We also have a small water park for kids in one of the nearby cities. Great place to cool off. Don't worry. My youngest son didn't want to go in the water at all, and now it's the other way around😀 Don't panic and use common sense. I'm glad you and your friends met in a society so intimidated by the media. Ps. I dream of coming to Jamaica one day and smoking a large skunk in your company of course😀Greetings! Be positive!
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Hey man, I tried looking at your post but all was blocked ?

😂 yes growing like yeast for real! Now they are nagging to go somewhere else today. I give the youngest 2 more tries before he is hooked to this place.

The current situation really divides us but humans cannot so without social interaction.

Hey, that will be a good time, the greens would be my treat to you... ah, now you got me craving some skunk 😂

Thanks for the super tip man. And I do hope all is going well with you and yours.

I was on the blacklist?😀 Maybe you didn't see me or maybe you smoked too much. You know my name, you'll always find me. I'm fine. I got promoted at work and now I'm waiting for vacations and a trip to the seaside (I'll report in a month) Peace✌️

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I just looked on your post today and the images weren’t there?


Hey congrats on the promotion, looking forward to the seaside pics. 😁

WTF??? My oryginal photos and content low rate?? Time to power down😀

Beautiful pictures and so nice place, very good for the kids and family to play together.

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Thanks! It really is a good place for the kids. I should have enjoyed it more and let out the big kid!

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it is nice enjoying this time especially with family despite the break down in the crypto space and a lot of stress every where l, looking at the flow of water the water is not just wasting but serves as pleasure to the people and return back to the pond

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Thanks bro, things are getting more serious by the day, but still gotta find ways to enjoy the life we living. The crypto space, we all saw it coming, people were getting greedy and abusive towards each other, anytime you see that, just sell.

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The last pic is the best!😀
Why is little princess crying?
She got water in the eyes?
... but in these times there is that question at the back of your head...
Are they bombaclaat vaxxed with a genetic experience and spike proteins that
go...where??? Exactly, the experiment is running...be aware of that.
It's not C that is the danger here.
C is around many years and was never a problem.
The vaccines are the problem. Straight. 100% sure.
Protect the children.

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Up mi G! You now is a son, we just grow out him hear cause we have no clue how to really cut it and it looks cool like dat.

Jah know lucca, the truth is, if you ever want to go back to Jamaica one day, you gonna have to get that shot, you know that is what is gonna happen. what will you do then? As a vegan I understand your strong stance, but to the average person eating McDonalds and potato chips, I think they done have the spikes in them already.

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..if you ever want to go back to Jamaica one day, you gonna have to get that shot, you know that is what is gonna happen..
This is what they want, but we had already 4 British Airways pilots that died after the shot & some soon the vaccinated will not be allowed to fly because of the blood clots the vaccine is causing....
So, the story ain't over yet...wait how fast Jamaica (& the rest of the world) changes their policies, when the vaccinated drop dead in the airplane...

Bredda, follow the news of the Corona Comittee with a lot of interviews in English:

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I will take a look mi don! Bless Up!

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Yes star, do that. Every Friday the new episode comes out with interviews from
Doctors, specialists,lawyers who speak out against this C Plandemic.
The main channel on YT (with more than 250K followers) got nuked, but they have an alternative channel on YT, and there have been 15.000 people in the live stream last friday,more than 8K Likes...
God bless & protect you & your family.

This looks like a really fun place for the kids in this summer heat bro.

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yeah man, them really love mi tell you...except the little one LOL. Yes, the summer has begun...but me still haffi go een LOL

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