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RE: One Day Yuh A Guh Dead! [ Patois Poetry ] by DMiLLiZ

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Glad you appreciate it. I thought many would be afraid to even comment but you know , it is a part of life.
Thanks man. And indeed we can't get remined enough to enjoy life and not make the little things get to us because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

Let us enjoy our blink of a life.

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Yes, brother, I believe that in this aspect there is still a taboo. Not recognizing death as part of life is a mistake. Surely there will be those who do not know what to say and prefer to omit a comment. But, sooner or later, we will end up facing a loss, if we don't like it, and we will even lose our life at some point and move on to another stage, it is natural law, we cannot fight against it.
It is up to us to learn, and to live.
Good day my friend.

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