Hive Openmic Community week #218, cover of "Stand Strong" by @adyma

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Hello everyone in this amazing community, how are we all doing?? I am @adyma it's another exciting week here on Hive and I welcome you all to Hive Openmic Community week #218.
According to this week's theme by one of our artists @rosana6 "Heroism" so I will be doing a song titled "Stand Strong"

Stand Strong" is a song by Nigerian singer and songwriter Davido. Released in 2022, the song is a motivational anthem that encourages listeners to persevere through difficult times and stay strong.

The song features a combination of English and Yoruba lyrics, with Davido singing about his personal struggles and successes, and urging others to follow his example.
"Stand Strong" has become a hit in Nigeria and across Africa, with many fans praising the song's positive.

Talking about HEROISM "Heroism is a quality or trait that involves the display of extraordinary courage, valor, and selflessness in the face of danger or adversity" It often involves acting against one's own interests to protect or help others, often at great personal risk or sacrifice.

Due to this week's theme, I see that the song speaks about the importance of persevering in the face of challenges and difficulties. This message resonates with the idea of heroism, which often involves facing and overcoming adversity.
I hope you all will enjoy it thank you.

song lyrics

Papa told me, "Keep your head up high
Even though your body full of bite marks from all dem canines" (All dem canines, yeah, yeah)
Steady moving, I'm just living life
And so many people in my business, so many chookin' eyes

My fears are easier to face now (To face now)
In the front of my haters
Steady chasing my paper (Ooh-ooh)
Sipping Martel with no chaser (Ooh)
My steps are guided by Jehovah
And 44 looking over
Dem no fit stop us, I know that
And every show is a shutdown (Uh, uh)


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Good musical choice my dear, congratulations. The theme of Heroism is very important, and it means a lot that we sing songs around it. All the music I have known from Nigeria is wonderful, and with voices like yours I understand why it transcends beyond your country. I send you a hug and wish you a great week...

Thank you so much sir
I really appreciate

Amiga @adyma me encantó la música de esta canción y el mensaje de ella. Muy buena interpretación , hermosa voz.🤗🌹🎤❤️💙💕

Friend @adyma, I loved the music of this song and its message. Very good interpretation, beautiful voice.🤗🌹🎤❤️💙💕

Thank you so much ma for always visiting my blog
I really appreciate 🙏

Amazing cover of this song. As I've always said I love your tone, diction and intonation. I think it's unique and special. I'm sure Davido would be happy when he sees this. Well done dear ❤️.

Thank you so much
I really appreciate

You're welcome dear 💖