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Hello friends,
I am so glad to back here this week among my wonderful music family. I always yearn to listen to our creative music every week.


For this week, with the awesome theme given by my brother @ebingo titled "THIS LITTLE TOWN" which is an original song birth from the current insecurity issues here in Nigeria. It is my deepest prayer that through our music, we can heal the world and make everywhere a better and safe place.


I can't keep holding on to the small town
I've gat to move on before it falls down

Now! Now!

You can watch the original music video here

My special appreciation goes to the #openmic team for choosing the theme and for giving us this great opportunity to raise one voice together through music.


Also, big thanks to the amazing moderators and to @donirosayandi and @rosana6 for making the awesome sound track.

To this amazing growing music family, I love you all.

Enjoy. Much love😍

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Powerful voice and great skills in keeping it really simple and musical. You've got a nice voice broh

Thanks alot brother ❤❤

I am so glad you enjoyed listening my music. Much love man😍

Great voice my friend! This a great contribution to the final assemble. Blessings!

Thanks alot my good friend❤

I am so glad I could be a part of this awesome week's theme. Thanks for watching and for your kind words.

Much love😍

Hello my friend!. I like the great musical work you have done in your version of This Little Town, congratulations. Where you have flaws is in the editing of the video, as the audio and image are a little out of date, I hope you can work on this in future opportunities. In fact if you can upload a version to youtube with the edited video in this same post it would be great. I say goodbye thanking you for your participation in this movement. Have a good night!...

Openmic in English.jfif

Thanks alot my good friend for your kind words and observation. It's really a video editing error and I will definitely work on it in future works.

Thanks alot for always. Happy Sunday❤

Much love😍

Boss, normally you no dey fall hands nah.
You Don bless us again with you voice!
Now nah chosen voice me go dey call you oo no more @chosenfingers 😂😂

Lol🤣🤣 my Gee thanks alot. I Don laff tire for here😅

Thanks man. Much love😍

you have a good character @chosenfingers you sing that song with full of appreciation good luck to you

Thanks alot my good friend for your kind words.

Much love😍

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Sweet voice you got!

Mama❤ thanks alot. Na your footstep I dey follow

Much love😍

You have a nice voice my friend. Keep singing and sharing here in hive open mic community. We are very appreciated your talents. 👏👏

Thanks alot my good friend for your kind words. They lift my spirit and inspire me to do better.

Much love😍

Youre welcome. See you on next week theme. 😊😊