Hive Open Mic Week #153 || A Cover of Christ be with us @jesus-son || [Eng/Esp]

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Hello Hive Open Mic Week #153, my name is @Jesus-son and I bring you my participation for this week's event with the theme "Tu estas Conmigo" meaning 'you are with me'.

The ordering of life by the creator is just so perfect that there is nothing lacking in the actual sense. If there is something we can point out to be lacking, it is not that it is not there but that with our finite mind, we are unable to discover or explore it. God is a perfect being and so all that He made is just perfect.

God created man and made all that there is in the world. He did not make a thing without a means for its continuous existence. This is especially for the human creation. God made man and made the woman as a companion and through these, the world was formed with multitudes of beings. From the beginning, God already established that principle of companionship and it shows how important it is for a living.


Reflecting on the theme, I could only think of the principle of companionship in life. We all need people around us at one point in time or the other if we must have a happy living. It is no doubt that we have some individuals in life who like solitary living but when we truly check their life, they are not as fulfilled as those who live in union with others. Thus, a life of peaceful union with others is a more perfect way of living. This is also because originally, we are social beings.

Reflecting on the theme of this week, 'you are with me' I thought of the companions I have had in life and those I am still in communion with that really make my life meaningful and fulfilling. My family has been wonderful, my religious family has been great and my friends far and wide has been fantastic. But there is one companion that has remained for all time and has been perfect all the way without any problem in the relationship. He is Jesus.

My relationship with Christ has been great and I can't trade it for anything in the world. Despite my falls, He has remained with me always assuring me of His unending love. It is a perfect relationship with love beyond all telling. This is why I decided to do a cover of this hymn, 'Christ be with us'.

This is a song that seeks to consolidate and foster the relationship of love with Christ. Thus inviting Christ to remain with us in sickness and in wants. Inviting Christ to take a permanent place in our hearts. I love the lyrics so much and I would recommend it for anyone wishing to surrender all to Jesus.

Doing this cover, I played my piano and sang along. I enjoyed producing it and I hope you enjoy with me. Thank you for always showing up and supporting my works. God bless you and be with you.

Full lyrics here


hola Hive Open Mic Week #153, ​​mi nombre es @Jesus-son y les traigo mi participación para el evento de esta semana con el tema "Tu estas Conmigo".


La ordenación de la vida por parte del creador es tan perfecta que no falta nada en el sentido real. Si hay algo que podemos señalar que falta, no es que no esté allí, sino que con nuestra mente finita, somos incapaces de descubrirlo o explorarlo. Dios es un ser perfecto y por eso todo lo que hizo es simplemente perfecto.

Dios creó al hombre e hizo todo lo que hay en el mundo. Él no hizo una cosa sin un medio para su existencia continua. Esto es especialmente para la creación humana. Dios hizo al hombre e hizo a la mujer como compañera ya través de estos se formó el mundo con multitud de seres. Desde el principio, Dios ya estableció ese principio de compañerismo y muestra cuán importante es para vivir.

Reflexionando sobre el tema, sólo pude pensar en el principio del compañerismo en la vida. Todos necesitamos personas a nuestro alrededor en un momento u otro si queremos tener una vida feliz. No hay duda de que tenemos algunas personas en la vida a las que les gusta vivir en soledad, pero cuando realmente revisamos su vida, no están tan satisfechos como aquellos que viven en unión con los demás. Así, una vida de unión pacífica con los demás es una forma de vida más perfecta. Esto también se debe a que, originalmente, somos seres sociales.

Reflexionando sobre el tema de esta semana, 'tú estás conmigo', pensé en los compañeros que he tenido en la vida y aquellos con los que todavía estoy en comunión que realmente hacen que mi vida tenga sentido y satisfacción. Mi familia ha sido maravillosa, mi familia religiosa ha sido excelente y mis amigos por todas partes han sido fantásticos. Pero hay un compañero que se ha mantenido para siempre y ha sido perfecto todo el camino sin ningún problema en la relación. Él es Jesús.


Mi relación con Cristo ha sido genial y no la puedo cambiar por nada del mundo. A pesar de mis caídas, Él ha permanecido conmigo siempre asegurándome Su amor infinito. Es una relación perfecta con el amor más allá de todo decir. Es por eso que decidí hacer una versión de este himno, 'Cristo esté con nosotros'.

Este es un canto que busca consolidar y fomentar la relación de amor con Cristo. Invitando así a Cristo a permanecer con nosotros en la enfermedad y en las necesidades. Invitando a Cristo a tomar un lugar permanente en nuestros corazones. Me encanta la letra y la recomendaría a cualquiera que desee rendirse por completo a Jesús.


Al hacer esta versión, toqué mi piano y canté. Disfruté producirlo y espero que disfrutes conmigo. Gracias por siempre aparecer y apoyar mis trabajos. Dios te bendiga y esté contigo.

Letra completa aquí

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Thank you @hiveopenmic for the enabling platform to perform

Jesus has been our all. He's always there no matter what or who you are. I really admire the fact that you played the piano and sang as well. Most pianist can't do same. I thank God for you. Well-done 👏👏👏

Thank you so much dearie for your uplifting comment. I try my best to do something worthwhile. I am glad you found it worthy of watching and listening

You're welcome.

Hello @jesus-son, This is a beautiful work dear brother. I love the entire atmosphere of this entry. What a lovely voice God blessed you with.

Christ is indeed with us every time and he desires to be with us always. Thanks for the message dear brother.

You rock 🎶 🎹 🎵 🎻 🎤 🥁 ♥

Thank you so much elder state man
I am glad you liked it

Hugs 🤗 ❤️

Saludos hermano! bendiciones para ti y tu talento!

Que mejor compañía que la de Nuestro Señor Jesucristo, con el a nuestro lado lo tenemos todo!

Excelente presentación la de esta semana!


I am grateful for your encouraging words dear friend . I am glad you liked it. God bless you man

No hope whether I enjoyed it or not o 'coz I over enjoyed it Abukz @jesus-son

You see those fingers ehh...I go make am longer for more key touches.

Infact something is coming, just dey anticipate am.

Weldon man...that was an awesome outing for the week.
Omo, hear harmony o....chei I don mkpeme small come wake up to continue listening o

Keep it up more

Lolz, funny man
Thanks a lot dear brother
You too much

You're welcome man @jesus-son

Do more🤝✌

Brother @jesus-son oh yeah what a great song, very fluid and its rhythm is very pleasing to my ears also you sang it very well thank you for doing it that way and thank you for sharing it with all of us on this Hive Open Mic stage I congratulate you I send you a big hug 🤗.

Thank you so much dear friend for your generous support to my work. I am glad it pleased you. Have a blessed night

Awwn..So nice @jesus-son... I love how calm you play man..

Thank you so much dear friend

😁nunca había escuchado este tema🤔 felicidades!! @jesus-son. Admiró a todas s lo que se atreven a grabarse solos.

I am glad to bring it to you to listen to it.

Thanks for coming around dear

The use of two voices was captivating. I congratulate you on this marvelous interpretation. The song has a beautiful message, without a doubt, God is present in the lives of those who love him. I congratulate you, brother.


Thank you so much @yisusth for the uplifting comment and support. God bless you

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Congrats bro, you did great! You are a great artist!

Thank you so much dear brother

Just by looking at your eyes we can feel the passion and the desire to do something big and powerful to share. Bravo brother, once again you have left an important mark in our community, it is impossible not to enjoy your great talent and I think we all agree on that. I have some time without participating, but I rejoice to see excellent entries like yours. Standing ovation for you!...

Wao! I am left speechless to see that my presentation attracts such admirable comment from you Jesus. You are indeed a friend and I really appreciate this act of kindness and love.
I am encouraged to keep being myself amd doing my best. God bless you bro.

wow amigo que increíble, hasta con juego de voces hiciste. te salió genial.

Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoying with me. God bless you

Oooh, I loved this!!!! As always a great job dear friend!!!!!

Thank you so much dear

Wow, really this music is very different from what I have heard before in the hive Open my c, it feels like Caribbean music.
I must congratulate you for the excellent musical work you have achieved with the vocals and keyboard, I was delighted with your presentation.

Thank you so much dear
Your comment gives me joy and courage to carry on

Wow! this is another beautiful presentation in the community. I love the video, how you played the keyboard and your vibe in singing the song too. The song is also interesting.

Christ be with us,,,, what a great song! Sincerely, we will always enjoy God more when we decide to create that relationship with Him. He will always be our companion when we choose Him.

Thank you so much dear friend. Your comment gives me courage to keep trying my best
You are a darling

I agree very much with my colleague and brother @jesuslnrs, when you bring your presentations you have the gift of bringing powerful messages. Not only are you talented but you inspire fellowship, that which makes a friendship, a brotherhood 👍....

Brother you have a very nice devotion, I believe that God besides being our best friend, places us with the right people to share our love 🙏💖... I congratulate you Victor, you have done another great job!!!!

I send you a warm hug dear brother and I thank you for being a being of light and bringing your message and vision of life to share with us, you played great and sang very great 2 voices 🔥🔥🔥.... You Rockkkkk!!! 🙌😀💛

Each time I remember that I have a friend and brother like you Fernando, I am always glad and filled with courage to go about my business with head up. You are an encouragement for me and I do not take this kind act for granted at all.
Thank you very much and may God keep blessing you in all your endeavours

My brother, we are here to support each other, we are children of God and you are light my brother 🙏❤️, always stay strong and if you fall here you have a friend, a brother, don't forget it... thanks for your friendship, God bless you always Victor, it has been a pleasure to meet you Bro.... You Rockkkkk!!! 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

I am glad to have found you bro

Another beautiful rendition from you this week again brother, nice one my big

Thank you so much dear brother
You rock!

As usual, you did a good job with your keyboard. God created everything perfect, it's up to us to explore the flaws and find out more. Because God created reason and mind for us to use.

I agree with you dear brother
Thank you for stopping by and appreciating my work

Great brother, it was noted that he enjoyed it a lot and so did I

Thank you so much sir

A la orden hermano

Estimado amigo @jesus-son que buena entrada nos trajiste esta semana, buen ritmo, excelente voz y juegos de voces y acompañamiento, a parte de tu escrito que me encanto mucho. Dios te bendiga🙏🎵🎵🎵🌹🎵🎵🎵🌻👏👏👏🎵🎵🌹🥰🎤🧡💜♥️💞
Dear friend @jesus-son, what a good entry you brought us this week, good rhythm, excellent voice and voice plays and accompaniment, apart from your writing that I loved very much. God bless you

Thank you so much ma
You are always an encouragement for me
God bless you too

Hello @jesus-son.

I really like how you related this theme to companionship..

It's good to know that we have people around us..

Having someone gives some kind of strength and motivation that we can't even explain..

Beautiful one dear.

You did well adding all the extra voices..
And you played well with keyboard too..

Well done dear 😊😘❤️

Thank you so much Benii. I am always glad having you around because of your beautiful way of appreciating my little works. God bless you

God bless you too dear 😊🤗


Yay! 🤗
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Thank you so much @princessbusayo

You are welcome

Siempre Dios Todopoderoso está con nosotros acompañándonos en nuestras vida, tu presentación es muy sentida amigo.. mil bendiciones y éxitos para ti..

Thank you so much for your kind words
I feel encouraged to do better

I am always looking forward to your presentation and as usual you wowed me. You play so well and your interpretation of the theme is the best I have seen so far. Well Done.

Hehe, see whining sha
But thanks dear.

I'm not whining you o. I'm for real.

Tanchu ma

Choii! Only you na choir oo!😅

Nice performance dear!

See dis babe dey whine me sha
Thank you sha

"If there is something we can point out to be lacking, it is not that it is not there but that with our finite mind, we are unable to discover or explore it."

That's a powerful line man! God is all.

Powerful music too bro. I like the feel and the rhythm. I used to play this straight or reggae...but this is new insight. I'll in fact copy some of your moves. Cool and clear voice too. You rock bro! For real 💪

I am glad I am able to make something that you can appreciate bro. Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting my little effort. You rock too💖🤍💯🥂

Welcome boss!

I love your interpretation of the theme and I feel it is just what it is. Without christ with us, we are completely nothing.
Awesome rendition Jesus son.

Thank you dear friend
Always having you around gives me so much happiness. God bless you Ossom

Amen, thank you

Great job mate!!

Thank you friend