Hive open mic week 179 Okaka by Frank Edwards

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Hello Hive Open Mic community and my fellow music singers!

It's another week with a beautiful theme, and I'm happy to be here once again to present a song by Frank Edwards. The theme of the week 179 is : Urban music by our spotlight artist:@jetta.amaya.

I am really excited because I love the perspective of the theme for this week, the title of the song I want to present is OKAKA , the song is a gospel hip-hop music, that I really love too much, so many times I have ministered the particular song in my church and whenever I am called to minister in other churches, the song is compelling and full some kinds of vibes, the song talks about giving thanks to the Almighty God, it is a good thing to give thanks to God, looking at everything he has really done for me and you, he is full of grace and mercy over us, he is a marvelous God.

Here are the lyrics and it were written by me.

Yo yo yo yo yo
Yo yo yo yo yo

God and God alone,
Let your name be glorified eh
King of Kings, Lord of Lords
You are.

The lion and the lamb you are
Let your name be glorified
Am gonna dance for you
Owomiloke yaya
Your love is unbreakable
Blessings that is uncountable
Everything back to you oh lord
I cannot count it all

Let me count 12345678

Chorus :
Yo yo yo yo. Yo
Onemeremo odinma

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Lovely entry man...God has indeed been faithful, if only we can look back on how far He has brought us, we would thank Him. Well done ✅

Thank you so much sir

You're welcome bro...keep singing ✨

This song is filled with vibe and it's a song many people can relate with. You did well here 👏

Thank you so much sis

Nice one our able minister, you did justice to the song.

Thank you my man

Great performance 💯💯💯

What rhythm you have in those hands. Enjoy your energy and happy singing. :D

Thank you so much

Amazing sir.
You never seize to amaze us with your beautiful presentations.
Weldon job sir

Thank you my good brother

Nice performance great work

Thanks dear

I love this song and you performed excellently boss.

Thank you sis

I love this song 🤩🤩, this is one of my most favourite Frank Edward songs
You did great my able Minister, nice song choice and amazing voice
Keep it up

Thank you so much my man

This is one of Frank Edward's doing that I like.
Your Acapella is lovely. Well done

Thank you sis

Yay! 🤗
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