Vibes Web3 Music competition Week 13- A cover of Helplessly by @mmenyene

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Once again,it's an honour and privilege of always participating in our weekly contest.. and I won't fail to appreciate the host @lordbutterfly for this wonderful time.

It's another week for another beautiful edition of songs. And this week, I will be doing a cover of Helplessly by Tatiana Manaois

Helplessly is not just a common song we sing for fun. Have you pay attention to the lyrics, you will discover that it has a whole lot of sense in it.
It is all about falling in love and how it hasn't been easy.
Always been distracted by the people we love but we can't just let them go because we enjoy the distraction.
It's an emotional song that demonstrate how we can helplessly fall for the people we love...
I so much love everything about this song.

#lyrics of song
It's not that easy with you here
But I know I want you to stay
See, this could be us in a few years
But just tell me, you like to play
It's like every day, I'm kicking rocks
I could fly away, but you got me at a complete stop

How do you manage to keep me going?
But somehow you keep me from going
See, you distract me, but I'm distracted without you
I don't know how to focus, baby, teach me how to
'Cause I'm standing still again
But if you love me, just like the way that I love you
I wouldn't mind a little comforting from you
Why do I let you in my head?
And I gotta go sometimes, but you're always on my mind

You're not helping me, you're not helping me
You're not helping me
You're not helping me, you're not helping me
But I helplessly fall for you

Don't go anywhere, stay tune and enjoy my song.
Thank you.

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