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The path we travel is one of many obstacles. It's always paved with something, whatever the material may be. May it be the wisdom of previous travelers, the experience of the explorers that went before us, the warnings of the adventurers who have passed. Surrounded by trees and paved by the losses of these green producers of the air we breath, this path leads to another place. A place which may be unknown, a faint glimmering light around the corner. But that is part of the adventure. As long as the path is there, use it, explore it, and reach your destination.


This picture was taken with a OnePlus 8T and was not manually edited by me. What the camera software on smartphones does nowadays is another point. It was taken in a remote forest here in Suriname where I live, travel and explore.

What do you see in the image? And where does your path take you?

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