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Hi ! It's Hives Vibes Web 3 Music Competition Week 13. I am @yhubee.
I appreciate the initiators of this amicable initiative and everyone who take out time to bless us with their songs.

My entry for this week is one of my favorite songs. It is titled **"Older" by Sasha Sloan. This is one of the songs that I like so much. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. As such , we should be mindful of who we choose to be our lifetime partner. Not one that'd end with the parents separating. This always have a huge impact on the children.

The artist must have grown up in a violent home. This, this affected her as a child. The truth is, it takes only a strong and determined soul to pull out from family trends.
I pray that I have a family that will always be together against all odds.

I hope you find this song interesting and worth engaging.

Here is the link to my video on X

"Older" lyrics
Sasha Sloan Lyrics
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I used to shut my door
While my mother screamed in the kitchen
I'd turn the music up, get high and try not to listen to every little fight
'Cause neither one was right

I swore I'd never be like them
But I was just a kid back then

The older I get the more that I see
My parents aren't heroes, they're just like me
'Cause loving is hard, it don't always work
You just try your best not to get hurt
I used to be mad but now I know
Sometimes it's better to let someone go
It just hadn't hit me yet
The older I get

I used to wonder why, why they could never be happy
I used to close my eyes and pray for a whole 'nother family
Where everything was fine, one that felt like mine

I swore I'd never be like them
But I was just a kid back then...


Thanks for engaging in my post and listening to the music.

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