Imperfect but…You Light Up My Garden

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Summer Cypress by the Community Garden


I stopped by my community garden and admired the beautiful summer cypress. I touched them gently, patted them and thought, “How lovely you look here”.
They looked a bit squished in the containers but they lit up the community entrance. At that thought, I’d love to share with you a few plants that have had their challenges but nevertheless, “light up” my little home balcony garden.




Petunias, you have fought your way through the severe summer heat. At times you seem scorched, thirsty and even a bit faded but still you “rise”. You made your way from my son’s school garden and were replanted here. I admire your resilience and your flowers put a smile on my face.
Petunias, you are imperfect but… you light up my garden.

Strawberry Plant


Strawberry plant, you are doing well. You gave us berries. Though few, they were sweet and delicious. Your leaves shine with radiant green. Some of them have been bitten, munched on. Don’t worry, we found the culprit, we found the creature and will keep checking to ensure that you’re safe. Though damaged, you continue to send out beautiful runners. You seem unbothered by the challenges you face. You encourage me. Keep running and striving for growth.
Strawberry plant, you are imperfect but you light up my garden.

Aloe…From The Other Side



“Aloe! It’s me”. I look at you on the other side of my garden. You were one of the first plants here. I went through a tough time but just looking at you helped to heal me. Because of you, I got more aloe and more plants. You help me with hair care and skin care. Now I see you with brown spots and slits that I didn’t make. Were you over-watered? I know you only need a quench when your soil is dry. Did you get too much sunlight? I’m not sure what’s happening, but take your time to heal. Things will get better.
Aloe, you are imperfect but you light up my garden.

Little Sunflowers🌻


For some reason, your flowers didn’t make their way to full size. You had many buds. Several times they started blooming and then they faded. Maybe your conditions weren’t right. I want you to know that I saw you. You tried. You looked so beautiful. You brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. Your season may be near its end but, thank you. I love the sunshine you bring with or without full flowers.
Little sunflowers, you are imperfect but you light up my garden.

For those reading this post, in life we may have different journeys, different roads. We are imperfect beings but we can help add joy or even a smile to someone’s day. We can still function. We can still strive.
We are imperfect but we can light up someone’s life.

Thank you for reading my post. Please share with me the “joyful woes” from your garden. Have a wonderful weekend.😃


Wow, I love your balcony garden. :) What a lovely collection of plants. I'm struggling in growing my own garden too. LOL! For the moment I will also try to have an indoor mini garden. I'm trying to learn as much as I can in growing plants. Happy Sunday!

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😃Thank you. I’m slowly growing the collection of plants and I’m learning as I go along. I’m really happy about the strawberry. It sent out several runners. We now have about 5 pots of it.
All the best with your indoor and outdoor garden. Look out for those little bugs. I’m going to put up a “Do not enter” sign for them. !LOLZ

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Haha! Thank you.

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Thank you. 😃🎶

I love this post.

I like the idea that you thanked the plants, acknowledged their flaws and struggles and still appreciated them despite their imperfections. That was fun.

There are so many beautifully colored petunias. In the spring they are sold all over, bedding plants and overflowing baskets and yet, they are not really tolerant of the midsummer sun and heat. I don't buy many for that reason, but am always still tempted to take them home when I see their beauty in the spring.

Below are the main two flower pots on my porch. I stopped my comment and went out to take photos. Normally in the spring, as winter starts passing away, I am extra excited to plan on what flowers I want to gather in. This past spring, for some reason, I wasn't quite into it when the time came. I thought about how I love them and also how when the summer gets to hot, I no longer want to take the heat and energy to keep them up. I only chose to get a few because of that. I have still enjoyed them though. In the second photo, one of the three plants is supposed to have purple blooms and it has had them, but seems to go in cycles, lots of blooms, then no blooms. Once there are no active blooms, I cut off the old ones and so far, more have appeared after.

The third photo is of a Mimosa tree that I found growing in my yard several summers back. Most years it is burned up by now and I have been surprised every spring when it has come out again. This year though, I found a lazy alternative, I actually bought a sprinkler for my porch and a new hose pipe to go with it. Every few days, if it does not rain, I go down to the side of the house, turn it on just enough to cover my flower corner and leave it going about an hour, then I go back and turn it off. Lazy Girl ! ...right?.... but it has worked, so maybe next year I will be enticed to get more.

20220904_101328 smaller for comment.jpg


20220904_101344 smaller for comment.jpg


20220904_101406 smaller for comment mimosa.jpg

😃💗Thanks @jacey.boldart. I love your response. Look at your flowers! They’re beautiful. I love the glasswork as well. Is it glass? I loved that reddish-orange-looking spiral one.
You made me chuckle when I read that while responding, you paused to take the photos. Sorry to put you through that but I’m loving the photos.
Lazy? No. It sounds like you have a good, convenient and efficient system going. I’m fairly new to gardening but I think it’s so important to understand the plants that we have or decide to buy, the seasons they best thrive in , their “likes and dislikes”. I certainly realized the summer heat wasn’t a good match for those petunias. This summer kept me on my feet and on my balcony. A sprinkler would have probably worked well, both for me and the plants. 😆😂
You know, I thought the sunflowers would have done a little bit better considering that it’s “their” season. I however wouldn’t be surprised if the temperatures were too severe.
Have a great day. 😃

You didn't put me to trouble, I did it because I wanted too. 😊 With phone cameras and the such these days, it's so easy to grab a couple of shots. My phone photos load to the cloud, so I just walked back in, pulled them up on my computer and added them right in !

Yes, some of the colorful pieces are glass. The one in with my mimosa is a solar light and the shape is called a "fiddle head". I've had it for a number of years. The solar light part of it doesn't work anymore, but it has good size and color, so now it is just yard art. I like adding solar lights and other colorful doodads to my plant areas for added interest.

I also love capiz shell wind chimes... well... almost any kind of wind chimes really, but I like hanging a couple of the capiz ones around where my flowers are too. They make such a pleasant, happy sound when the breeze blows through them.

😃 Thanks again for the photos. Phone cameras make it so easy and convenient . Back in the days with film , we would have had to wait to get them printed with the hope that they actually came out right. Lol!

Loving the fiddle head light. It adds character to the already beautiful garden. Nothing like the sound of wind chimes. It makes you want to close your eyes and simply enjoy nature. 😃

I know all about that clicking and waiting for development thing. Many years back I baked and decorated cakes from my home for people for all kinds of occasions. Oh how I wished computers and phone cameras were a thing back then. I wasted a lot of film as I always took multiple photos, hoping at least one would come out decent. LOL.... I still do the same thing now as far as multiple shots of the same thing, but at least now what I don't like can simply be deleted and it doesn't cost extra. Gotta luv that !

You know my mom did the same. She baked for weddings, birthdays, Christmas etc. Sometimes she had to wait up to two weeks to get her photos and then select the best ones for her album. I’d help to put the photos in the album.

I’m now having a problem with multiple shots. Sometimes the photos look so similar, it gives me a little headache in deciding which is the best. Likewise when others ask me to choose the best! I can easily choose from two but three or more make it complicated. 😆

When I have more than two to choose from, I still just take them two at a time. I compare the first two, delete the one I like least and then I compare that to the next one.... and so on. If they are not the best out of two I know I can delete them and reduce the field of choices.

Great way of doing it. 😃I should do the same.

I like the message of this post - that there's beauty and joy in imperfection!

😃Thank you. Indeed, there’s beauty and joy in imperfection.
Interestingly too, these plants from a distance, look quite okay. Truth is, they have their struggles but they’ve “decided” to put their best out and to look on the bright side.
Thanks for stopping by. 🎶

Lovely plants my friend thanks for sharing have the best day😎
@fruityfruitz !ALIVE

😃Thank you! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the gifts. Have a great day.🎶

You are welcome have the best day 👍

😀Thank you. Have a lovely day as well.

Appreciated have a blessed one😎


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