Life Isn’t a Walk Through the Park or Garden or… Is it?

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Summer cypress turning red in autumn.
Red roses at one of my favorite public gardens.

Hi hivers and hivegardeners.
Last week I did something unusual.
I left work during my break hours, drove to my favorite park about fifteen minutes away, walked through the gardens, admired the roses and other flowers, then headed back to work. I’d usually be at work finding some other stuff to occupy my time. I hadn’t been to that park in a long while and it was my first time going there from work. Just walking through the gardens brought such life to my day. I could feel my body relax as I admired petals, the different hues of flowers, trees, water fountains and other attractions in the park and gardens.

Life isn’t exactly a walk in the park or through the gardens. Life isn’t a bed of roses. It has its thorns, it’s ups, its downs, its roundabouts, it’s sways, it’s distractions, it’s challenges.
Taking the walk however, can add light, joy, happiness,new awareness, new perspectives, color and brightness to your day, your week, your life.


My stroll through the gardens was so refreshing. I saw groups of adults, groups of school children, photographers, groups of friends and families, all enjoying the lovely gardens and the beautiful environment of nature.
Taking more strolls is certainly what I would like to and plan to do.
How about you?
When was the last time you took a stroll through a garden?
When was the last time you stopped to admire the flowers in your own garden?
Let’s enjoy the walk of life.
Have a great weekend. 😃🎶


Wow, this is the first time that I have seen this (in a photo), love the color

😃Thank you. It’s really beautiful. It was green just a few months ago. Thanks for stopping by.

That looks like a divine way to take a break in the middle of the work day.

I have some of those flowers that look like white daisies with a purple center in a pot on my back porch. First time I've ever had any of those.

I enjoyed seeing your photos.

😃Thank you. It was really a good break. It’s just that when I got back people were a little curious as to where I’d been. I guess I looked refreshed. Haha!!! I’ve run errands and headed back and no one cared. Haha!!
I didn't want to sound like, "I was out viewing flowers" but that's what it was. Lol!! 😆😂

I loved that daisy. I think it was my first time seeing them with purple at the center. I cdd as n imagine how beautiful they are by your porch. 😃

This place looks so beautiful.

Thank you. It really is. 😃

Those are not only RED roses !LOL I like the bush on the first picture though!
The last time I took a stroll through a garden/park....?.. euh... I'm doing this at least once a week! I absolutely !love it! And to admire flowers in my own garden is a little difficult since I'm living on an appartement. But I've got some on the terrace / balcony....

It is raining so hard we may need an Ark
Luckily I Noah guy.

Credit: happyme
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Haha!! Good one.

Lol!! You’re right. I love that red bush as well. It’s big and fluffy. I plan to check it and its cousins or brothers and sisters again this weekend. It’s a bunch of them. So great that you go for a walk at least once a week. I need to do it more often.
I’ve got a few on my balcony as well but none is flowering at the moment. It’s the perfect time for strolling and admiring other gardens and flowers. Lol!!
Have a great day or evening.🎶

Yeah the weekly walk is most of the time to the ice cream shop LOL
It's just to be in the weekend because i like to be outside and walking relaxes my legs from the sports I'd have been doing before that in the morning. On weekdays I'd train (running) three times and the other 2 days I stay a lttle longer at work to get by....

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Thank you. 🎶

Haha! Well, adding a little sweetness to the walk is not such a bad idea.
Sounds like you have a good routine.
Cheers to the weekend.😃

It motivates me to do some sports as well while the children are training. When I'm bringing them otherwise I'd just have to wait for 1h15'. Better to spend that time in a useful way isn't it?

Good use of time.😃