🐣 The Baby Birds Hatched 🐥 Eggs And Chicken Are Now Cheaper Than Tomatoes 🌸

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Hello everybody! Today I walked with Monkey-B to the store but she wanted to play with her friend, so I put let her visit her friend’s house.

After I walked alone to the store. This day is like the other day, still not have a variety of vegetables and too expensive.


When I come back home I met my landlord on the road near her house. I said hello to her and the man making chicken to sell. I asked to her “How much is the chicken for one kilo?” She said “60SRD for one kilo of chicken and an egg is 3SRD but in the store one kilo of chicken is 70srd and an egg is 4SRD to 5SRD.” I said “Oh that’s cheaper than tomatoes and limes."

The price of a lime at the store is 4SRD. 4 tomatoes, maybe 5 if a little broken or small are 50SRD. 50SRD = $2.50USD now. That’s not fine, because in my country one kilo of chicken is $3.50 and 4 eggs are $0.50USD, one kilo of tomatoes are 70 cents to 1$. We have all vegetables cheaper than eggs and meat. Now I understand why the people buy more eggs and meat than vegetables from the store.

What do you think about that?


I got this photo last weekend.


This picture I took two days ago, it was very quiet. This kind bird I see them everywhere but they are difficult get photo of them.


And last night my two daughters saw the egg of bird is outside from it shell and another egg not yet outside. They called me go to looks the babies bird but I am busy cooking. Then they took photos of them for me too.



These pictures I got today in the afternoon.



White orchids are beautiful! They’re my favorite flowers.


A bee in waterlily flower after I picked the flower it still in the flower.


I think because the flower smells so good.


Have a great weeked day stay safe everyone.

Monkey B


 11 days ago 

It aint easy being vegan. People realize the plant base is better and a bit more delicate to grow that the chickens. and the rain you have been having in Suriname must have added to that. Good shot of the baby doves. They do not look so cute when they are young LOL

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That makes me miss my country so much. Thank you for the stopping by😊.

Wow, what wonderful hatched bird eggs...Nature is truly great, new life came into being! Lovely images, I love the colors .

Yes, that's right! Thank you for your kind words 😊

You've been following those birds so closely, very cool that you finally got to see them not long after hatching.

Yes, I want to look at them again before they fly away.

Tomatoes are expensive in the rainy season here. They tend to rot and a lot of the crop is wasted, so the prices sky rocket. However, never above the price of chicken lol.
Lovely images of the birds. Special thanks to your children.

Yes, thank you very much for your feedback!

Great pictures of nature in your area.

Thank you 😊

It turned out to be the egg, the bird had it.

Thanks for stopping by.

You're welcome.

Those baby birdies are too cute!

Yes, they are cuties but not yet fly now.

Sweet! What age will they fly?

Thanks for posting in the ASEAN Hive Community.

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Thank you you too.