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Holla amigos de Hive y la familia Pukumundo, hoy les traigo un cover de "Testimonies" de The COZA. Los testimonios nacen de la manifestación de las provisiones y misericordias de Dios a través del pequeño esfuerzo de fe que ponemos en práctica. Necesitamos fe para poder conquistar u obtener cualquier cosa que aspiremos de Dios y cuando estas cosas suceden, nos movemos a testificar. En esta canción de The COZA, ya están en la fe de que las cosas están cambiando para bien, lo cual claramente es un acto de fe y, por lo tanto, yo también me uno a esa fe. Mucha gente ha dudado de Dios y nunca cree que Él pueda proveer para ellos y siempre permanece así porque es cuando crees que recibirás. Los testimonios siempre son tiempo de bendiciones y el tiempo de bendiciones también es tiempo de testimonio, porque cuando testificamos de las buenas obras que Dios ha hecho por nosotros, Él se mueve para hacer más abundante y abundantemente de lo que podemos pedirle. Uso una guitarra acústica para mi versión, aunque todavía estoy aprendiendo a tocar la guitarra, pero hice todo lo posible para dar lo que realmente está en el video de arriba, espero que les guste 🙏💙



Holla amigos of Hive and the Pukumundo family, today I bring to us a cover of "Testimonies" by The COZA. Testimonies are birthed from the manifestation of God's provisions and mercies through the little effort of faith we put in place. We need faith to be able to conquer or get whatever we aspire for from God and when this things come through we are move to testify. In this song by The COZA, they are already in the faith that things are turning around for their good which clearly an act of faith and therefore I also join in that faith. A lot of people have doubted God and never believe that He can provide for them and it always remains like that because it is when you believe you shall receive. Testimonies are always blessings time and blessings time are also testimony time, because when we testify of the good deeds God has done for us, He is move to do more exceedingly and abundantly more than we can ask Him. I use an acoustic guitar for my cover though am still learning the guitar but I tried my best to give what is actually in the video above, I hope you like it🙏💙


Song Lyrics".


I see It, and I feel it
Testimonies are
Everywhere around
I see It, and I feel it
Testimonies are
Everywhere around} [x2]

{I’m in the middle of it
I’m in the middle of it
It’s happening now
Testimonies are
Everywhere around} [Repeat]

[Repeat Verse]
I see It, and I feel it
Testimonies are
Everywhere around
I see It, and I feel it
Testimonies are
Everywhere around

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Lo veo, y lo siento
Los testimonios son
en todas partes alrededor
Lo veo y lo siento
Los testimonios son
En todas partes alrededor} [x2]

{Estoy en medio de esto
estoy en medio de eso
esta pasando ahora
Los testimonios son
En todas partes} [Repetir]

[Repetir verso]
Lo veo y lo siento
Los testimonios son
en todas partes alrededor
Lo veo y lo siento
Los testimonios son
En todas partes alrededor

Thank You

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I love the powerful energy you put into this beautiful song! Your voice is as powerful and great as your passion!

We need faith to be able to conquer or obtain anything we aspire from God.

It's like that my friend, it's the only way to understand or reach God, faith and love is what makes us transcend beyond knowledge and intelligence.

Excellent performance. 💯🙌👊😎🙏🎊🌞🔥🎵🌟👏👏🎉🎶✨🌊🤩🎼💫🎆⭐

My dear brother @naradamoon
How sweet it is to have your presence dear brother, I so much value your sincere comment on my post. I see we are all in the same race as sons and daughters of God, thank you for coming around brother 🎸💙🎯🎯🥰🎶🎵🎺🎉🎸

Hey, what a passion here while singing @ovey10
I know, no trumpet and no nature this time heheh, but your singing was great! 🎶

Dear @mipiano
You remind me of that beautiful place and the sweet singing of the birds that usually come around 😀🥰
I'm already tempted to make a visit within the week:)
Thank you so much for coming around, our mother of the piano 🥰❤️🎸🎉💞🙌🎶🎵

A very beautiful music by the Abuja based gospel musical crew, COZA. Faith in God is essential and with God, we can achieve so much in live and speak of our Testimonies to others.

A lovely rendition dear @ovey10.

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Our dear and sweet community 🥰🥰
It has always been a blessing to be part of this great community
Am so glad to have you around 🥰🥰♥️♥️💯🎶🎵🎺🎵

@ovey10 soooooo goood 🌟🌟🌟

Yes! Testimonies are everywhere around. This is a powerful song and I love that you sang it with this energy💥🌟.

Blessing bro. You rock🌈

@bernice001 dear🥰♥️
I'm so delighted to have you around and with such a beautiful comments as this one to brighten up my day😀😀
Thank you so much deariee 🥰🙏🎶🎶🎸🎵
You extremely Rockkkkkkk too dear 😎🎵🎸🎶🎵💜🎯💯💞♥️💕🎤🎺

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You have an amazing voice. I really love your presentation and the music itself.

Thank you so much for coming around dear @gloriaolar
It feels so good to have a great musician as you around, thank you so much for vibeing with me🥰🙏🎶🎸🎵
You Rockkkkkkk😎🎵🎸🎶🎵💜🎯💯💞♥️💕🎤🎺

Ye, we see beyond the present happenings, testimonies everywhere.

You sing with so much passion. Thanks for blessing us with this

yes ma @hivedeb
Testimonies are everywhere if we believe we surely do see it🥰🙏🎶
Thanks for coming around ma🙏🎶

Nice one! Nice one!

You're good bro🥳👏

Thanks so much dear @niglys
Am glad you came around

You're welcome dear!

Thank you for this presentation my friend..... I have faith for a big testimony real soon

oh man... Thanks so much for taking my entry to heart ♥️🎯💯🎸
You Rockkkkk 😎🎵🎸🎶🎵💜🎯💯💞♥️💕🎤🎺