People are amazing, including you, yes! you are included

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An hour ago I was looking on the internet and I came across a kid playing football on a field, he was alone, but I think there were people watching him, because no one would watch a kid as talented as him and not notice his skills.

This kid controls the ball for over four hours, I look at his age and what he can do at his age, and I realized that people are amazing.

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And from the look of things, it was known as something he's been doing for a long time, because he couldn't get enough of directing the ball to all corners of the pitch, and he kept on with the skills, he can show to keep dribbling the ball. At the time, he started to use his chest on the ball, it made me realise how good he is at ball control.

Sometimes ago, I also came across a girl who can talk to many dogs and the dogs understand her and do what she says, I tend to reasons to a high extents that people are amazing, when I started watching this online video of the girl whose talent is to communicate effectively with dogs, I was thinking, the girl would not reach a certain point, but her communication with the dogs keep on improving, I was very surprised with by her talent, the girl and her many dogs understand themselves. That's amazing!

In this blockchain, we have so many content creators too, they make good content on the blockchain, beautiful entertaining vlog, artwork, drawing and everything else, that makes a person enjoy itself, I can't help but add that here on the hive, contents creators are amazing too, because the content we create everyday are fresh, you can't see it on other social media platforms.

Sometimes I used to wonder "will I be able to create fresh content on hive every day?", but I have slowly overcome my fear, which indicates that I am amazing too, just like my friends on hive.

People are amazing because they are able to create something new that interests the next person within them, this makes the world an amazing ecosystem.


Hello, Harry, the Handsome! Nice to meet you.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic. We all have some awesomeness hidden within us. Many of us fail to manifest those outwardly. So, those who can, we admire them. And, we should do that.

Keep creating good content on this blockchain and be amazing :)


Your thoughts are so good in this post, that shows you are awesome too, thanks for coming to share your opinion friend.


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😎Thanks for sharing about people you meet and for your encouraging words for people on Hive , hope you have a blessed and wonderful day @harryhandsome because you are amazing too.👍

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Yes, I have an amazing day going, thanks for asking.

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People are indeed amazing in their ability to create something that interests other people. I love to express myself through writing and share it withe people. I was also fearful in the beginning, haven't fully overcome it yet :)

You will overcome it just as I did, you are amazing and you have all what it takes to create the things you want, thanks

Thank you! It's surely a matter of time until I overcome it. You're most welcome!

You are awesome, friend