The energy of her love is turning me high

in GEMS20 days ago (edited)

Your presence became my shield, where I am protected and where I am free

I looked into your eyes and you gave me all the kindest thoughts I have lost

You make me bold me again, you are my strength, because my styles were all lost in me

I applaud you in places you don't know about, I wish you knew, you wouldn't be standing there, I believed, you would have hugged me so warm and tight

The stupidity they claimed you had are all gone because I see no single of those things in you right now

Stay calmed and enjoying because I feels like holding your lips all the time's

You restore my power and right now, I can work more than a PowerPoint and I am going to be more powerful as far as you continue to be with me

I used to spark and spark in the beginning, but each time I look at you, the energy I needs for myself is showing me to be lovely and attractible.

Dreams are good besides you because with you I smiled and when I wake up, you are besides me

I always dislike all negatives perspective and I am so much happier you restore me into such a great hearts and I am bold.

The strength you gave me would live as far as you are still by my side

I do not want anything that is going to cut off me and you apart, I like the comfort I am getting in your side.

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