Today I wake up with a different energy

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Sometimes in the morning, when I do not have a great mood, what I do to change the energy for myself, is to switch on my radio and play a favorite sound of music that can cheer me up.

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But you know what? today I even do as I used to, yet the energy was not fading away, I have to sit-up again and take a deep breath, say some prayers, because it's so much good to praised the Lord, especially, on the time we wake up, so that the whole day will be just the way we want.

After I have wash my face with water, I was still feeling somehow bored with the difference feelings that was in me, I didn't like the boredom feelings at all, so I realizes that, even the music I was playing on the radio didn't give me what I wanted, so I have to sing songs on my own, that was it, till I get the energy that was not so great fade up.

And this is not the first time I have feels this way, once I had this different feelings, which seems my energy wasn't so good, but I remember on that day, what I did to take it away was that, I play a song on my radio and my friend came just as at that time to find me, so it was not notes, if the music I play was the thing that lift that energy I didn't like.

By the way, I was happy that the different feelings goes away, and I was feeling good with myself, so today, it came again, and what I did was to sing a loud song.

Peoples feels differently in the morning, there was once my mother, wake up with so much aggressive and on that day, I tried so much to calm her and let her see why she should be happy, even when I do not like speaking much in the morning, I could not hold myself but to speak to my mother, that she should not be bothering of anything at all.

I find out that, what makes mother not to be happy, was because her shoe's was in the rain, she left it there for sun to dry it, but no one remember to take it out from the sun when it goes away, and even she, forgets to get it, so, the rain came that night and the shoes was soaked with rains, it was mother favorite shoes.

Honestly, I understand how that makes her feel, I promise mother I was going to surprised her with a new shoe, so she should stopped talking too much, she knows I was just looking for a way to make her stop talking, yet, she likes it, that I interfere and that I stand out for her.

Be it good or a bad mood, we should know that, each day comes up with a beautiful opportunity, be it different to ourselves, we can make it beautiful.

Thanks dear friends, you are so beautiful to come through.


Everyday is unique in it's self....some days you wake up feeling agile and other days you wake up lazy..... it's called life

You are right dear friend, that's what life is, thanks for coming through, how are you doing today?

I am doing fine, thanks