Not Just the box but everything used to administered at first instance

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I am someone who played safe in everything I do, I do not like ruff play or anything that might gear towards making someone to feel hurt.

In our family, my mother had a big bag which contains so many things, back then, I didn't know the bag was just the same as a first aid box, but she just prefer to have her first aid tools in a bag, these few things were in the bag, it is true that I can not remember all, it was ranging from paracetamol, rub, a piece of foam, bandage and all others.

In those days, each times I looked at the bag in the table, I will be mindful of what kind of play I got myself involved in, especially, when I was outting with those my friends that enjoys ruff play.

But no matter how careful we are, at times, a minor thing can turned to be an accident, so one afternoon, I wanted to climbed the pavement, "not now that houses are made with modern pavement, houses then, at the front side, a person has to climbed something that was like a mountain before he could proceed to the rooms.

I was back from rolling my bicycle wheel with friends and as I was about to climbed the pavement of the house, I hit my leg, i were not wounded but i was feeling hurts, my mom who was in the backyard farm came out, she asked me where it hurts, I pointed to the exact position, then she went inside the room and brought out her first aid bag.

The rob was what she used to placed on the place I was feeling hurts, I screamed so much, up to the point of me telling her to stop that I would be fine, but she didn't listened, the deal was, if she stopped, then I should get ready, because, in the evening, she would go with me to the chemist, that was beside our street.

I told her to go ahead and do what she was doing, I didn't want to go there, because on no account would I leave a chemist without them giving me meds, which is something I do not really like.

After few days time, it was not hurting anymore, before then, if I was sweeping the floor, I didn't used to placed mom's first aid bag so well, but starting from that day and how helpful was the first aid bag, I always kept it in the right place, if my siblings want to play around it, I will tell them not to go there, so that they do not scattered thing's inside the bag.

Yet they would end up laughing, because the same thing they used to tell me to be mindful of, I became the person, telling them to be mindful about it.

what am I saying, it was true that I was among the people who do not take first aid so serious, even when I was taught of the relevances in primary school, I thought it was just a subject topic, that we should used to passed exams and I never considered that we need to practice it in our daily life's.

First aid equipment/tools is something every family should keep safe, because not all minor things should be taken to chemist, moreover, there are many natural ways we can used also to administered first aid to someone, before going to a clinic or chemist.

The natural ways are also important and they do not needs tools or equipment, but required, either herbs or fruits and should be undergo by someone with sound knowledge of natural medicine.

Thanks for reading, see you in my next post, cheers to a good time.

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Even without having the normal box for first aid equipment, mothers are just like doctors that have these things in handy because they know things like injury will happen and they are always available to treat you first before taking you to the chemist or hospital as the case may be. First aid tools are important to have at home or anywhere in case of emergencies and to be able to apply it on a victim.

Wow!, @princessbusayo you are right, a mother is a doctor/nurse to every home, kudos to every mother's out there and the yet to be mother's 🥰🙏

Thank you @palomap3 I appreciate 🥰🙏