5 minutes freewrite prompt: slot

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I enter into the slot and my want was to buy an iphone but then I think about how expensive an iphone would be.

I make a change of want and I went for an Infinix product, let me buy a device I can be able to subscribe.

The salesperson in the slot that was selling the iphones did all she can so that I buy the iphone from her but I didn't want to buy only phone, and beside, buying an iphone would have make my money to finish.

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I do something that we known as using a stone to killed two birds, because I also bought a niker from the warehouse and some other thing's which I needed.

This is almost seven years since when I bought the Infinix product, and I am not seeing a single issues from it, the picture quality is clear although it can not be compared to an iphone camera but with the degree of pictures it giving me I am grateful with it.

I lived my life in such a way that enable me to know the things I have now, I will still have another bigger things tomorrow, it wouldn't be because the money I have can not buy latest things, then I would stop myself from getting the one I can afford.

I do thing's with ease and this alone make me to have an admirable life.

My brother realized the phone I bought from slot is serving the purpose of me buying it, he wants me to take him to the same slot so that he can make purchase of his own Infinix phone.

This is my entry in the 5 minutes freewrite prompt: slot.
Thanks, I admire you all.


You've got an amazing personality @faithetim. It is of great important that we learn to place our priorities right, and that is simply what you did

Thanks, I admire your comment.

You are welcome my friend