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Happy weekend great people, if there's anything that I want to be true with myself with, that's speaking the truth no matter what it caused me, but I still understand that, some truth can cause us heartbreak, sadness and regret in the future, but no matter what it would caused us on a long run, we are going to admit to ourselves that it was the truth we spoke and we are hoping to be save by the truth we choose, because we could not bear to close our eyes to something we knows was the right thing to say.

Back to my contribution, on the agenda, if I masturbate frequently or not, yes, I do it, you heard me said it loud and clear that I do masturbate, I believe that no moment in our life should be lived without happiness, if we have the ability of giving to ourselves what we want, then so be it, tracing back to the those times when I do it, I remember it occurred a lot of times, but lately, I do not finds myself in it anymore, when I feel like to calmed my nerve this days, what I do in such time's is getting acquainted with the one i love.

I am not in that category of people who think that masturbation is awful, yes, even if we have people who believes that it is, I am not in anyway to judge anybody, I understand that people do not think the same way, but in those time's, I mean in those days when I never used to had my hand's close to my pants, I used to think like it was bad as well.

Then one day, when I feel the need of someone to rub my head but it was all me and myself in the house, I was like, "what if I am missing something so fantastic in there, then I began to shape myself out and i do it" the fact is that, it was all written over me, and since then, I have been doing it for a while, to me, masturbation does feels so natural.

Just like I hear from my friend who proud about it that he wouldn't lie to me, he has been doing it, and he feels alright about it more than he has it with his girl, because ever since he got some bad juicy from her, he does masturbate on his own, I told him about the cream which goes so well with it and that he wouldn't needs to worry himself in the process.

We all laugh and the conversation went on and on, I learnt that people began masturbating when they are alone in their apartment or the feels the need of being with someone and nobody was in their life at the moment.

This is my entry to @galenkp weekend engagement topics, week209, you can join using link, thank you, and once again, I wish you a blissful weekend.

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Well done for taking on a topic most will not. It shows personality.

Thank you, is a free world after all, I believe that it holds no one back to live freely.


Thank you, happy weekend to you specially @galenkp all weekends are nice with the engagement topics.