HIVE GHANA VLOG CHALLENGE// " IT'S SUCH AN HONOR" covered by Chidistickz// A showcase of Music&video

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Hello hive Ghana community, I'm really privileged to participate in this vlog challenge, I love video production I was extremely excited when I saw the challenge notification, I hope I suit in and impress you guys with my video.

In the challenge, we were asked to pick a niche and make a video about it and also that the video should not be more than 3 minutes, i hope I would be pardoned because I exceeded three minutes with two seconds, hope this doesn't affect tye whole thing, I had to cut out some parts so as to abide with the rules but the two extra seconds just refused to be cut away hehehe 🤣.

The niche I picked for the video is actually two in one, both work side by side, I choose music and video editing, I just did a little technique in the video production so it was a combination.

For the music, I did a cover of YAHWEH IT'S SUCH AN HONOR by Keastrings, I went online to search for the original song but I shocked me that I didn't find it, I became nervous as the situation was hilarious, I wandered how I ended up downloading the song which I can't find this time around, well maybe I'm just not searching the right way.

The video technique is usually called double casting where one person can be seen as two in same scenario, I didn't actually got the quality I was looking for because I used my mobile phone for the capturing and editing, anyways the main problem was that I depended on sunlight and the sunlight was fluctuating, with more equipment I could do better next time.


Its such an honor
To have you here my King, it's such an honor
My king
Its such an honor
To have you here with me
Its such an honor, my king
Forgive me for the time I trivialized your presence
Forgive me for the time I didn't pour out my honor properly
Its such an honor

Lyrics hand writen by me

Edited via Canva

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Such a nice voice, I love the presentation

Thanks dear
I appreciate

You're welcome

I don’t think I have ever heard of this video technique. It looks really nice. You did very great and I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks for sharing with us.

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