A weekend of pictures near the Harbor | Kobe, Japan

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Cheers to the weekend everyone,

How has your weekend been going so far? Do you plan to go out and enjoy nature or relax at home with friends or family? Hopefully you'll be doing something that you love or like.
inbound1423740561282726028.jpg(Street Art in Harborland)
Whether you like it or not, it's a sunny Saturday here in Kobe Japan. What a great day to hang out by the sea in the City or should I say by the harbor in Harborland.

Blue sky, cool ocean breeze, open clear open space to run around or a quiet space to just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Maybe just watching boats ⛵ going to and fro is your thing. If you're into structures then that red bridge certainly caught your eyes.Now you're looking for the bridge right? It's great to be in a place where you can enjoy the beauty of both the mountains and the sea. It's one of the things that people like about the port city of Kobe.

I hope that you'll surely get a chance to enjoy the weekend wherever you are.

Now it's time to head over to this Cafe that is just below the highway to have some pasta 🍝 and all you can eat bread 🍞.


Stay connected, stay active.

All the pictures used in this post were taken with my trusty android phone.

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That street art is superb and great message behind it. I hope to make it to that side of Japan one day.

As usually me weekend was filled with parks and more parks 😂

I told you that I do not always have time to look here, I have many other things to do, I was hoping that you would not allow such a situation. Look at the numbers below the post. Just tell me if you see the future of the coin so that I understand whether I should spend my time on it or not :)

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Wow that is crazy! I actually nuked it when it was 16k and to come back to see this , there is a game being played here that makes no sense , well not sure it is a game but just the stakes of individuals that don’t see this interface.
well, that is decentralization for you.

@shanibeer and @rarej & @luca1777 take a look at this post on Reggaejahm interface


@roninrelax has been doing some spotting recently trying to get the Jahm votes down which makes sense but isn’t my cup of tea.
If you feel your votes are distributing too much Jahm you can always delegate to @reggae-steem ( which I do ) so I don’t over distribute the token. But it’s up to you , hey decentralization 😯

Reggae-steem also does a little Babylon work and down votes over Jahm-Ed posts when it sees them. What do you get in return. Less distribution of tokens and maybe an NFT I haven’t made yet.

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What do you get in return.

I'd be happy to see ReggaeJahm thrive 😍

Let me check what's happening with shani.jahming, long time since I looked.

Get involved in the work, there will be enough for everyone, if we do everything together, we can achieve something. Looking at such payments, I feel ashamed in front of those people who burned their coins.

I am involved and have been since the start, including assisting with the transfer from Steem to Hive, and I still continue to delegate HP to @reggaejahm. I appreciate what you are doing for ReggaeJahm and if you have a plan then share it. I'm happy to be involved and a polite request will achieve wonders. Throwing your weight around, the original problem in reggaesteem, will not.

@shanibeer, I know your merits, my Respect to you and what you did. Intuitively, I understand that we need to reduce the volume of the market, this is what we can do, and the decisive plan will always be for @dmilliz, but how easy it is for him to do this directly depends on what we are doing. As I understand it, we are between never and sometime. I like the second option better.

Buddy, control the fifth and sixth day, especially since you see the exact time until the payment, and when I look at the clock in the blogs, I need to calculate the time zone, and I will work on the rest of the days of the week. I have been feeling bad for the last three days, my head hurts a lot, in the evening, I just don’t have the strength to do something else, I close the computer and go to sleep.

As for @rarej, we've talked about this before, and I understand that the person wishes well for the JAHM coin and it seems he said that he would take all measures to reduce the strength of his voice.
@rarej mate, is it really that hard to do that.
I don't want it to look like a war, it's not a war, nothing personal, but it's the only way to stabilize the market. so if i see a post worth more than 50 JAHM, i will turn it into a "0", nothing personal, just business. If the guys were not satisfied with 60 JAHM per post, I will lower this bar, sorry if something is not the way you would like it to be.

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@roninrelax I told you we would look into it, as soon as we have the time. Due to visitors the past month, I haven't had that time, as you can see on my blog in terms of activity, haven't written anything. All I've been doing is upvoting a few posts here and there.

I've just now delegated all my staked JAHM away now, so it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

That being said, I don't appreciate the aggressive way you are going about this. Chaotically going around commenting unrelated things on people their post and guilt-tripping them into doing something you want is not the way, like some kind of Jenova's Witness preaching the gospel of the JAHM token.

This comment of yours here "attacking" me, is an example of that aggressive nature, while you don't even know what's up in my life currently.

So please think about your approach and tone in the future. You may be all business, but in this community where everyone knows each other, a bit of a personal touch, patience and empathy goes a long way.

I don’t know where you saw aggression in your address, or in someone’s address, I’m only doing what we agreed on.
I am not a telepath and I do not know about your problems, I only know what we talked about and see your further actions.
As for whether I want to, do something, or don't want to and force someone to do the same ... brother, I can spit on it all and let the JAHM coin roll from a high mountain into a cesspool, this is aggression, what would you understand, but the fact that I spend my time and credit resources to stabilize the price of the coin is not aggression.
I'm glad that you made the right decision, I hope that all coin holders who have surplus will follow this. Have a great day.

I got a sliver in my heart after reading your comment in which you said that all of you in the community know each other.

I want to swear obscenely. You know each other, you know @dmilliz, but you can't rally and help him stabilize the coin?

It looks very unhuman, I don’t know, maybe in your area there is such a mentality that you are taught to climb on someone’s head and hang your legs, and, at the same time, do nothing yourself and each other’s problems do not concern you.

You know, I'll probably really leave the reggaejahm community to ferment in its own juice so that you learn not only to use each other, but also to help each other, even at the cost of JAHM becoming a forgotten shitcoin.

Your aggression is in your approach towards others, that much is clear.

I'm willing to help in every way possible, as long as I have the time for it, if not, I make time, when possible, but in the end, I do what I promise. Dean knows all about that.

For example: A change needed to be made to the reggaejahm frontend. This took me 8 months longer than it should have, but I made sure to finish it.

That's why I don't appreciate your conclusions. I have no ill intent towards the JAHM token, but maybe it's not as high on my priority list right now to be in line with your schedule.

If you're not a telepath, don't assume and be patient, and possibly with a bit more tact.

Every medal has two sides and you only look at one of them. Put yourself in the place of @limka who burned all his 188992.7729334 JAHM and after that you see 30K JAHM votes. How would you feel? Is it necessary to be fair to him, or should all justice be focused on those who do not know the measure in the votes they cast? I have no personal claims against anyone, if you want to vote with full power, vote, no problem, but I will try to make these votes equal to zero, because there are people like @limka.
I hope that you understand what I am talking about and there is no aggression in this, only the desire to be fair.
I think that @dmilliz appreciated your merits and I appreciate it, but if we decide to build something, then there is no need to break it from the opposite side of the wall that we are building.

sorry if something is not the way you would like it to be.

The be clear: The only problem I have with this situation is your approach towards people. Maybe it's just the way I interpreted it.
So, I like what you're doing, just not the way you're doing it.

As a sidenote: I've also reduced @tanjakolader her vote to 0, as I manage the Hive Engine side of her account, so whenever she becomes active again, it shouldn't be a problem either.

In conclusion, whatever personal opinion we may have about each other now, I will leave it at that, and I will stand behind your initiative, nonetheless.


Great, if you have any other way to revive JAHM let me know, I never prioritized my ideas and always, before that, I asked for the consent of the community, if the advice does not follow this, I start to act according to my plan, everything is extremely simple. Have a great day!

What's good Bredda! Not been here in a while... What's the problem? The 30 K Jahm?
Bless Up 🤛

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Deh yah!
Yah man! Yeah we would like to keep the jahm to a votes to a minimum to help stabilize the value. But at the same time, your jahm your vote so it’s up to you.

Sorry for the late reply, star. Is there a way to integrate the Jahm worth/see the Jahm worth when i vote in Hive? 'Cause I normally don't sign in separately into Reggaejahm. And could you separate the Hive vote from the Jahm vote. Would be cool to get that option when I vote from Hive in Reggaejahm. So e.g. I could vote with 90% of my Hive power, but only with 30% of my Jahm power...in one voting action.
Bless Up!🤛

I understand bro. Parks are great especially when they are free. !ALIVE

@dmilliz! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @bearmol. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on @alive.chat, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.


$PIZZA slices delivered:
@rarej(1/5) tipped @elisheva