Graciously Give and Receive:

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So I recently got a can of ackee via the embassy when I met the Jamaican ambassador for Japan the other day. Ackee is hard to find in Japan these days and when you do get it, it's expensive. It is also my first time seeing the Walkerswood brand in hand as Grace seems to run the place. I really love the illustration on the package compared to the Grace brand though. I was planning to keep this can for a special occasion, like New Years day but I decided to give it away to a Jamaican who recently moved to my town. I have known him for years but never met him.

He was one of my best costumers a few years ago, he would buy thousands of yen worth of goods for his school festivals and personal use. He never complained about the price or shipping cost, nothing. It was always a pleasure serving him. So when I realized he was in town, at first I kinda thought "ah, I will catch up with him later". But then I thought, "I need to do better than that". So I messaged him and invited him to have a cup of coffee. Though it was a short chat as I had to go and do a lesson, it is a step in the right direction.

I gave him the can of ackee as a token of my appreciation for all his support over the years and also to welcome him to the town (even though he's been here for a year). I knew he would appreciate it more than me and it just feels good to be a giver and show gratitude. Hopefully before next year this time, I will have sorted out my logistics for Jamaican goods shipping to Japan and can provide the service again. It is time to be more proactive.



I must say you are a kind and amazing person. It only takes a heart of gold to put a smile on other people's faces which you just did, I am certain he will appreciate the Ackee.

Ive received so much from others I feel it's only right to pay it forward. And in this way we also open up the flow of even more to come and more situations to pay it forward:)

It is obvious that this can means a lot to you but can you tell us what an Ackee is?
What exactly is inside it?

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It’s a fruit that is more like a vegetable, it grows on trees and it’s a key ingredient in Jamaica’s national dish ackee and salt fish. Not too many other countries eat it, but if you ever see it in your country, just know it’s edible once opened and poisonous if not. It also needs to be cooked. The taste, unlike anything else 😂

I haven't used anything from this brand yet but the quality is good as you say, so I will definitely try it.

I suggest the Walkerswood jerk seasoning. May be hard to find in your country but if you ever come across it.

Yeah thanks for suggesting.

Little gifts as these lighten up someone's day, I am sure he'd appreciate it. You did a good thing.

He sure did, he was actuqlly looking for a can online but it was way too expensive on Amazon.

Giving other's and thinking about other's shows how sweet of a person you are, i appreciate it.

Heheh I try bro! We gotta pay it forward when we can.

oh wow you have a heart of gold which allow you to decided you are going to give it to someone else rather use it on the new year.

Haha I'm working on it. And the more we give the more we receive.

Gift always matters
You really have a heart of gold

It's a work in progress but in getting there.

The world is based on karma. You get what you give, you show love and then you get love

Love di ackee! I will eat a lot of it fresh in February!😃 🇯🇲