There is No Business Like Home Business!

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I recently got word of a bakery being ran from an individuals home. More specifically from an older home on their property probably belonging to parents/grandparents.
the home was not remodeled in any particular way on the outside. But on the inside, the bakery area had a huge stove in the back, which was probably their highest initial cost/investment. Doing a quick search, a top of the line oven with multiple layers would run you around $13,000. Small scale models starting at $800.

Then of course there was the cost of installing the glass window and doors, getting a few tables and shelves, cash register and taking the time to learn the various methods of creating breads.


Because this is a family owned business and is done from their home property, the cost savings are tremendous I can imagine and this trickles down to the consumer. These bacon branch breads will run you 300 to 400 Yen in other bakeries but here only 160 Yen. Seeing the prices made me wonder if they were even making money. But dough is not very expensive. Electricity on the other hand can be costly. I would be interested to see how their accountings are set up.

The bakery is ran by an older woman and her daughter. I can imagine the early mornings getting up to prepare as the bakery opens at 7 AM.


Sweet breadFrench BreadStuffed cheese and tomato sauce

One thing the bakery does that I found interesting is they support other bakeries, some even miles away. These cakes were made by a bakery in Shizouka, further down south. They are given to customers once they buy over 1,000 yen worth of goods. you choose the sweet you want. This creates customer retention, good will with other bakers and indirect marketing via word of mouth.


Chocolate Chip BreadFrench Toast

As you can see, it is a very simple set up. Nothing fancy. The tables look like they came right from the old house or a second hand shop, but they do what they are supposed to do and no one will really notice them ( I am now because I am writing while looking at the photos). No doubt the business owners are doing something they are passionate about as running a bakery is no easy feat.



Th bakery uses Instagram as its main source of info sharing and marketing. One a daily basis they will do multiple post about what they made for the day, what is sold out, the recommendation etc. Nothing unique or creative but it does the trick.

What was my favorite ? The French toast. It wasn't too sweet or soft and of course not overpriced.


Opens at 7 AM- & PMRandom Bonsai by the entrance@pan.nodoka on Insta

There is no business like home business. If you can make a living from the place you are already renting/paying mortgage it will save a lot of time and money especially when you are just starting out. I have seen a couple friends go through this struggling to pay the rent for their business location as well as their living situation. Don't let that be you. When business actually picks up, you can rent the high traffic area and expand, delegating work to employees. But not everyone wants that. Some people just want to make enough to live reasonably while enjoying their passion.

PS: If you have no physical goods to ship or touch in these times, even better. Someone say NFTS? But to me, it is good to have a mixture of the digital & physical.
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wow. Such home based businesses are the need of the day. To all people who complain that they can't make it, such shops are an inspiration. Food is a risky one but if it earns the goodwill of the customers, it is worth the risk. Thanks for writing about the bakery and the pictures too. Voted on behalf of the Neoxian city paper.

Indeed, one has to really like preparing food as well to undertake such a business. it seems like a lot of work. I could imagine doing BBQ this style but baking is an entirely different story. Thanks for the mention in the paper.

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Baking requires a certain amount of chemistry 😅, that's why those recipes are so intricate and defined.

There is no business like home business.

Or like small local businesses.
If the owners are honest and their product/service is fairly good and not to forget a few meters away from my home, then heck yeah I'll support them 😁.

In Suriname we have a lot of those small business near people's homes or on the same premises. What some do, to keep their privacy is built a separate space from the house even though it's on the same property.

the thing with small business it is hard not to be honest especially in these times with social media.

Interesting, it makes sense cause why pay two rents when you can pay one. I like the idea of separating the business from the dwellings. I can't imagine having a bar on the same property as house though and I actually see some people do that here.

I can't imagine having a bar on the same property as house though and I actually see some people do that here.

Me neither, because I like my privacy.
Recently found out my general practitioner has his practice and home on the same property, but luckily separated the two buildings, so the kids have some semblance of privacy. My car mechanic also has the same design. So like I said, a lot of local entrepreneurs following this model.

You are right, saving is essential when starting a business and this looks like a good one. However, in some countries, in order to get a licence, you need to bring your business to the required standards, which means extra costs.

In a bakery for example placing food uncovered and unpacked where people can reach it is a big NO! Rules may not be the same everywhere though.

Anyway, these small business are welcome I think, it's better to support these then big food chains.

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That is true, the good thing is, here it is easy to get a food license and the inspections are not so difficult. Most people in Japan also naturally stick to the rules. I agree, we should support small business as the are the backbone of every society and the food usually tastes better LOL!

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Thanks a million!

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I saw numerous times stores like this bakery that look so simple but sell awesome stuff for a great price... I can't pick one pastry from your photos as every single one looks awesome!

Back in the past, I had a family business where I was working with my mother, she was doing accounting for companies, and I was selling computers... It was the best business experience ever...

Now, with so many online jobs, there is plenty of space for creating your own online business and thriving!

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Gotta give it up to the people who run businesses at home. some people dread it because they would rather their privacy, but if they are doing things right they have nothing to worry about.

That sounds awesome getting to be around family all day, especially your mom. It was a dream of mine to do that. I need to start looking more into online jobs as the traffic and long journey at the moment for me is crazy.

Thanks for the highlight dude.

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As soon as I saw the words: "Chocolate Chip Bread," I was in! I can smell the goods from here. Bread fresh out of the oven, with gooey chocolate craters sprinkled throughout. So many ways to attack that. I'm thinking of using the loaf with some soft ice cream almost as a dip, then gobbling it up! I'm sure Heaven must smell like Chocolate Chip Bread! Who's hungry now? :)

LOL, interestingly I have not tried that one yet but I am going to next time. HAHAH nice idea, I will get some ice-cream ready. thanks for poppin by.1

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Its interesting, I feel they are passionate about how they go about their business, it might not just be the cost of renting a shop, it probablyly might be a personal thing, as they probably feel connected from their home.

What was my favorite ? The French toast. It wasn't too sweet or soft and of course not overpriced.

Hehehe, when I saw the post, I remember there is a small bakery nearby that I have never visited. Today is perfect to write about it. Thanks for the inspiration 😄

You are right, they might just want to be close to/at home living their passion and close to their loved ones.

LOL, I glimpsed your post just now, will give it a good luck later. My tip jar is open hahahahahaha, nice votes on that one bro. Good going. I am glad I could give you some inspirations.

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Yes oh! Thanks @dmilliz , it was a really good write, thanks to you. I hope you have a lovely week! And also stress-free, if possible.


Oh man a bakery the bread 🍞 looks delicious especially the chocolate chip, just woke up man gave me a reason to feel more hungry lol

LOL, I am gonna have to try that one next time. Pop some waffles in the toaster bro hahaha.

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Yes home/family business is the best business! Keeps the fam together and saves money!!

That is a major key right there "keeps the family together", working, gaining and growing togther.

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It looks like the mother or daughter worked at a LeRepas or similar bakery. Same style. What I love about these places though, used to have a karoke window like this by me, is they usually have their own unique flavors & recipes. The big chains can't do that. The bad thing about these places is it's easy to put on the pounds because everything is so good and cheap. Enjoy!

What a cool little place, these are always the kind of locations where you find lots of love woven into the food. Surprised to see almost everything is western style baked goods.

looks delish. In these times I think it's even more important to support your local businesses. I have a strange feeling you'll be back for more :)