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Hello Reggaejahm community, I hope you are having a great week, over here I am again present to share some tracks from a new artist. I must say he has a pretty urban style, I'm not sure because it's not very clear from the information I could get, but I think he's a native of Trinidad and Tobago, his stage name is Gartar Boss.

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A few days ago this artist has uploaded his new video, new song, on his youtube channel.


On January 7 he uploaded to his channel this first video, in which he makes a strong social criticism regarding some realities that not many people talk about. It is presented in a video in a really raw way.

I think one of the first things we must do to counteract any situation that does not favor anyone is to face it, and although many know that this happens, it is not always done what is necessary to stop it.n siendo estas duras realidades la cotidianidad en algunas partes del mundo.

Gartar Boss - Welcome To The East (Official Music Video)

On November 4 of last year this singer uploaded his first video, in which we can see that since then he has maintained a thematic line and a sound that identifies him. I like the piano playing and marking a constant rhythm in the song, it gives depth to the music.

Gartar Boss - Doh Play (Clean)

He has only three videos on his channel, but there is a thematic line and sounds that identify him.


Image from his instagram

But unfortunately his channel has not been very visited. I imagine that because he is just starting is not much publicity he receives, I hope that with this post at least I can generate some flow to his Youtube channel.

I will leave some links where you could get some more information about this artist. It is starting, as usual in these cases, not much information can be obtained.



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He has potential but he is just following the gun man tune trend.
It is good for building the name in Jamaica as many like those songs. But not easy to market overseas. But on the other hand, even overseas there is a niche.

The loyalty song has that hardcore conscious vibes, not easy songs to make that grab attention but in the long term they pay off.

Yes brot, I think there's an audience for everything, whether it's good or bad, there will always be someone who will listen. Urban styles sometimes tend to exaggerate some realities, but sometimes it is not so exaggerated what they say, only those who live it can say how close to the real reality is what is shown in a video like that where guns are the protagonists.

He has only three videos on his channel, but there is a thematic line and sounds that identify him.

He probably also doesn't have a pr-team backing him up yet.

Liking his vibe and message.