Just a little while more... 8 Bars...

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Yo Jahmers & Beatzchain...

@Dmilliz recorded this Demo
the other day on this nice beat from Mr. Florida Keys, right? Did i get the name right?
Inspiring beat with a sweet sample, ready for collaboration.
Just got the beat & start writing the first 8 bars...
Wham star @Dmilliz , i can stretch this into 16 bars...what do you think?

Bless Up


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Have some !PIZZA because...

Yeah man I like it , wah tighten up likkle. Buy sounding good. 8 bar works as it mek sense and a story.

Cutting up some of our own samples/acapellas probably nice...
...God there beside me.. & ...can't get me out with di vaxx, chip & dem ID... (Bitcoin Times)
I will try dem lines...BPM faster than "Just a little While more"...let's see...
Any other ideas?

You know I was thinking the first part of the tune would be good, but have to voice up.

The part where I say

"Nuh matter what Babylon a pree, tings always work out for me"

But play round with it , the sample from bitcoin times might soon good or better.

Nuh matter what Babylon a pree, tings always work out for me
I like that one, too.
Do you have some proper recording of your vocals already?
Once you got it, send me the acapella...
Your brother gon' mix & master it, or we/i do it?
Can i use the footage with his beats on luca1777.com ?
So many questions...😅
Bless Up, Bredda

Yeah, I feel that one will more ever green.

Yeah man a you a mix it.

Of course. Use it on your site yes!

I’m gonna work on the vocals and get the wave for the Riddim. Might tek a likkle time ! Soon forward.

Soon come😉


New Track or a new porn?😅
Nice ass...😜
International Collabos from Shenseea,right😉


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