New Tunes - You’re the One I Love (Shenseea)

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Good Morning Jahmers🇯🇲 & Hive Bees🐝

Today i present to you a sweet new Dancehall,
RnB, Soca Love Song from the Jamaican Singer "Shenseea".
She got more new tunes out like e.g. Dolly
presented to you already by @dmilliz .
You’re the One I Love is now her more romantic
side. I am not sure if she wrote the lyrics, but like
i told my brother from another mother @dmilliz ,
Shenseea is stepping up her game, and might blow up
even bigger if she continues like this.
A real sweet songwriting on this tune!
Top music productions from "Russian", plus top notch
video production with mind blowing pics & scenery are
bringing in Millions of plays...

If Shenseea would be Crypto, i would buy some Coins soon...😄

Enjoy this one...

Shenseea & Russian: You’re the One I Love

Lyrics Video:

Look what i found here Hive: ..sweet like honey, you a me Home, you a me Hive.. 😉 ...with a sweet Jamaican accent...🇯🇲 ❤️

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DJ Luca1777 - Quality Selection Respecting the Culture.✌️

New Tunes - Remember Where You Heard It First!😎

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 6 days ago 

I think more somas mine this will definitely brake down the borders in the states for her her. When I first saw this one I was impressed. Nothing like a love song on a dancehall beat.

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I probably heard the song 50 times in the last 3 days...😅
Maybe i got a new reason to sing this song...😉
A nice piece of music/work, plus the video!
Yo Bredda, you know "Nikka Coffee Grain Whisky" from Japan?

Love the song she's absolutely jaw dropping gorgeous as well great voice

Thanks for your feed back Bro...yes, Shenseea becomes the "full package"... her "game" is on!