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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain...

Bob Marley

I agree so much with the above quote and I hope you do too expect for the fact that I will love to add that instead of just music, I will say good music, hehe. I've come to love listening to good music and I'm so happy @ablaze has initiated the #threetunestuesday for this, I appreciate him so much. Creating sure an amazing opportunity for all the lovers of music to share their beautiful tunes every Tuesday.


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Music has been a great companion and also a teacher to me. The more I listen to good music, I tend to learn some really important things both from the song and even the artists. For this week's three tunes Tuesday, I'm going to be sharing with you some tunes I loved right from the first time I heard them and I hope you too will love them. So before I talk too much, how about we dive in to listen to the tunes I've prepared just for you? Here it comes!!!


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The first time I heard this song I was at work going about my normal duty when I heard someone playing a song and I was like wow, I love that song. I tried asking him to send it to me but he refused, he just kept singing it to me. I wanted to persuade him more to send it to me because I don't know the title but then I remembered there's an app that could get me what I wanted.

The song was on repeat because it was one of his best songs, so I quickly brought our my phone unknowingly to him and shazamed it and I saw the title of the song so I quickly downloaded it. I went through a lot getting this song 😂😂, so it's a really great pleasure sharing it with you all, I want to see your review on the song to know if going through all that stress was worth it, hehe.


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For this song, I heard it once when I was viewing one of my friends status on whatsapp and I loved how Gatie sang the song, it was just melodious and it gave me goosebumps just listening to it. I love this song, there's really no special story behind it like the first one, hehe but it's a beautiful song and I hope you enjoy it.


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And for the last song, I've chosen one of the best songs from Enisa. I don't know if you will love it, but if you are a music lover you should 😜. The first time I heard this song was just one day when I was looking for good songs to download from YouTube and I somehow came across this song. I was so in love with the song that I didn't just download it, I learned how to sing it too 🥰.

Enisa is a beautiful singer and she has so much vibes and swag, I love how unique her songs are especially this one, it's my best. She has sang many other songs but I choose this one because it's the first I heard from her and it's also the best for me.

So, we've come to the end of the three tunes for me and please if you didn't listen to any one, I'd advise you to do so, you will love it.

Thank you for stopping, see you at my next blog ❣️❣️.


Hey @hopestylist when ever I come across your post on threetunestuesday, I get my pen and paper to write down new songs to add to my playlist.
I also switch on my Bluetooth speaker player so that I can already begin to enjoy the song.
They are indeed beautiful songs and am going to download them ASAP!
Thanks for sharing!

Awwy, I'm so glad you love them.

You made my day with this comment @magicfingerz, I hope to always keep sharing the best songs so you will keep having beautiful songs on your Playlist.

I'm happy you are downloading them, you will love them.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such an awesome comment.

I don't know why people do this, you hear a song on their phone and you nicely ask for them to send it to you only for them to start acting like semi-god. Thank God for technology 😄😄😄. The song is a nice song but rap is not my thing.

However I enjoyed count my blessings. I have never heard Enisa. Wow! Her voice is so beautiful. Hmmm! Now I have a new addition to my playlist.

As in ehn, it's really annoying.

I understand the fact that some people don't like rap songs and that's why I missed it up. I'm happy you loved Enisa, she's a really good singer.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your amazing comment 😘.

You are welcome.

Some cool tunes here! Great to hear your thoughts about them all too :)

Thank you @sunsethunter. I'm glad you like them and the stories behind them.

It's a so good to have you stop by 🥰.

Some nice tunes! Thanks for sharing!

Yeah, thank you for stopping by @mypathtofire.

Enisa really is a great singer partner:)

Yes she is, I loved her song just listening to it once. I remember after I downloaded it, I put it on repeat, till I just had to stop listening to music for that day.

Thank you so partner for stopping by 😘.

I am the same partner, I like something new, then it goes on repeat hehe
Have a great weekend partner :)

Oh, that is nice.

I will, you too.

How has been your day?

Been relaxing but very good, how about you?

I also love listening to music and I prefer to listen for a louder music 🎶

Hmm, that means you love using headphones, right?

I'm so glad you stopped by, thank you 🤗.


That's nice but not so good.

Oh why?

If you use it for long, it's not really healthy but if you don't then it's fine.

Nice one, thanks for sharing your tunes. Something I notice about each of these songs, is they are all really short, not much over 2 minutes, I'm more of an 8 minute song type of guy, but always interesting to listen to the odd Pop song on Three Tune Tuesday, cheers friend

You're welcome Sir.

I will put that into consideration but I'm more of pop and most of them are short songs, I'm confused now 😏.

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your comment Sir.

Sorry to confuse you!

My comment was more about the music industry, than your choice of Pop songs 😁

There was a time when songs like this got in the charts. Over 13 minutes for one song! So songs that are only 2 minutes grate on me a bit - it's a function of society and the instant gratification people want I suppose.

Ps: great Bob Marley quote at the start 👌

Okay now I fully understand, no wonder you always love the old tunes more.

Thank you for the explanation.

Awesome, I love Reggae 😎 especially Bob Marley √ Nice Quote!

However, many other Genres are also great too ... 👌

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